Think you know Syracuse? Think again. While the city is a hub for college hoops and wintertime frolics, there’s far more bubbling under the surface. We are on way to showing you plenty of things to do in Syracuse NY to make sure your trip is eventful.

This comprehensive guide is for adventurers hungry for unique and Instagram-worthy experiences. Syracuse, NY, is the fifth largest city in New York, with numerous tourist attractions and the largest shopping mall.

Pack your bags and get ready for a deep dive into the 31 unusual and fun things that make Syracuse more than just a snow globe come to life.

This section features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

Table of Contents

1. Onondaga Lake Park: Go for the Park, Stay for the Swans

Why Go?

Ah, Onondaga Lake Park—the “Central Park” of Central New York, only with fewer tourists taking selfies. This Onondaga Lake Park is the place to be if you fancy running into swans that act like they own the joint.

What's the Catch?

Here’s the twist: this park is an overachiever. It doesn’t settle for being a mere patch of green. Oh no, it also has to throw in skating rinks, paddle boats, and probably an interpretive dance festival if you time it right.

Pro Tip

If you think you’re good on a bike, try to keep up with a swan on water. Spoiler: you can’t. They’re the Michael Phelpses of the avian world. Rent a bike but leave the water sports to the professionals (a.k.a., the swans).

2. The Sound Garden: Your Jukebox, Just Less Predictable

Why Go?

Are you sick of Spotify playlists that predict your next favorite song with eerie accuracy? The Sound Garden in Syracuse laughs at your algorithmic cage. The sound garden is a labyrinth of genres, decades, and moods, all curated by the Vinyl Gods.

One minute, you’re finger-flipping through ’80s synth-pop albums that make you yearn for neon leggings, and the next, a Japanese metal band enthralls you you can’t even pronounce.

This is where your musical horizons aren’t just broadened; they’re catapulted into a different stratosphere. So, put down the smartphone, pick up some vinyl, and let the grooves guide you.

What's the Catch?

Ah, the Sound Garden time warp. You waltz in with the intention of a “quick browse,” and suddenly, four hours later, you’ve listened to at least 30 snippets of songs, and you’re holding a stack of vinyl, CDs, and even a cassette tape or two

Oh, and that’s not even accounting for the vintage posters you’ve picked up. It’s a bit like Narnia, only you encounter Bowie and Hendrix instead of a lion and a witch. Your internal clock will get thrown out of whack but in the best way possible.

Pro Tip

Consider the Sound Garden event calendar your new best friend. Those in-store concerts? They’re legendary.

Picture a mosh pit of music lovers—from metalheads to jazz connoisseurs—all crammed into a space that’s as eclectic as the crowd. It’s like Woodstock’s younger, cooler sibling—no mud, no tie-dye, just pure unadulterated sonic bliss.

Keep an eye on the schedule because missing one of these gigs would be like refusing a backstage pass to the musical revolution. Get ready to ‘gram the night away; your followers won’t believe their ears.

3. 5 Wits: Because an Escape Room is Too Mainstream

Why Go?

So you’ve broken out of every escape room in your hometown? Kid’s play. 5 Wits is an escape room on steroids, sprinkled with some Tom Cruise ‘Mission Impossible’ action.

This place is in Destiny Mall, close to the Imax Theater and Armory Square.

5 Wits Syracuse
Based on 1119 reviews
powered by Google
Julia JonesJulia Jones
17:03 24 May 24
Meg BMeg B
21:26 05 May 24
Harshita TanksaliHarshita Tanksali
21:23 05 May 24
Tyler FedorisTyler Fedoris
00:18 05 May 24
Liz ParmeterLiz Parmeter
21:26 04 May 24
Tori StoddardTori Stoddard
21:23 04 May 24
it was so much fun!’ sasha was an amzing help!
amanda dematteoamanda dematteo
19:26 30 Apr 24
It was a fun experience with my 16 yr old.
isabella kruegerisabella krueger
18:14 30 Apr 24
So we got right in but right when we get in nothing works everything is broken and I really wanted to do this but non of the puzzles or buttons worked
joe phelpsjoe phelps
00:45 18 Apr 24
We had a great time tonight completing a few adventures. Richard, Emmy, Bayley and Victoria were all super helpful, energetic and fun. Always such a fun time. Thanks, everyone!
Bella PhelpsBella Phelps
00:41 18 Apr 24
I had a lot of fun here with my family I really recommend going here!
Chad HoooverChad Hooover
20:49 16 Apr 24
Evan MarchEvan March
19:29 14 Apr 24
Kianas world diysKianas world diys
23:03 13 Apr 24
He was off fighting ninjas
D'Mitry BoldenD'Mitry Bolden
02:02 13 Apr 24
Such a great place !! Richard was awesome 🤩
Bridgette ZieglerBridgette Ziegler
01:55 13 Apr 24
Fun activity for adults and kids alike, even if John is away fighting ninjas!Richard was super fun and helpful!
Jeremy RussellJeremy Russell
01:54 13 Apr 24
5 wits is always a great time.
Jordan FreedJordan Freed
01:43 13 Apr 24
Richard was incredible. Stand up lad unlike John who would rather be off fighting ninjas than help my friends and I have the best experience possible. L employee.
Casey OGaraCasey OGara
01:41 13 Apr 24
Richard is great and John is off fighting ninjas
Elana IsraelElana Israel
21:41 06 Apr 24
Anthony BurrellAnthony Burrell
00:51 04 Apr 24
It was fun!
Carl KlingerCarl Klinger
19:47 03 Apr 24
Had a great time. Staff is very professional!
Lisa GravesLisa Graves
17:54 03 Apr 24
Jared BeckerJared Becker
17:53 29 Mar 24
Jayon FraterJayon Frater
19:30 25 Mar 24
Great experience very well organized and fun!
19:03 25 Mar 24
Came with my younger brother. 5 Wits was a good place to go for a arcade like atmosphere, with plenty of games including bowling and punching bag. They also had a restaurant for good food in one place. Definitely a good place all in one, we will visit again in the future.
Christian FasceChristian Fasce
21:11 24 Mar 24
Fantastic as always. Everyone is friendly and inviting. Will be back
Amy BrownAmy Brown
15:55 24 Mar 24
Krista StricklandKrista Strickland
15:53 23 Mar 24
Employees so kind and helpful
Jessi CarballoJessi Carballo
20:07 15 Mar 24
Okay guys.. THIS.. totally amazing experience. I hope I get his name right, but the guy Daniel was the best.
Katie LohmanKatie Lohman
20:01 15 Mar 24
I had so much fun! My friends and I had a great time, and Daniel is such a great guide!
Brandon CormierBrandon Cormier
16:51 14 Mar 24
Well done in the sense of graphics and story
Ashley CrosbyAshley Crosby
20:04 10 Mar 24
Had such a great time!! Daniel was a great guide! Highly recommend
David GibsonDavid Gibson
19:29 10 Mar 24
A lot of fun for the family
19:23 10 Mar 24
Tabitha HillTabitha Hill
19:13 10 Mar 24
Jillian MilesJillian Miles
20:09 24 Feb 24
Joudi Abdel HameedJoudi Abdel Hameed
21:37 21 Feb 24
Dot did an amazing job and was extremely friendly. Please promote him.
Hamoodie Al-JabiriHamoodie Al-Jabiri
21:36 21 Feb 24
21:36 21 Feb 24
dot is the best
Emily BrownEmily Brown
02:24 18 Feb 24
Such a fun time!
Tom EdicTom Edic
02:07 18 Feb 24
Nicole BushNicole Bush
02:06 18 Feb 24
Jim McmahonJim Mcmahon
21:11 17 Feb 24
dot is lit
Mary ShalabyMary Shalaby
21:11 17 Feb 24
dot is lit
Casey BeatyCasey Beaty
22:35 11 Feb 24
Very fun and immersive, also has its challenge for the price you pay.
Devlin WitbeckDevlin Witbeck
18:16 09 Feb 24
A lot of fun! Definitely worth a visit. Dot also did a great job 👏
Jennifer EvansJennifer Evans
01:30 09 Feb 24
This was my first time going to a 5 Wits. Our Host was very attentive and had a good personality, lead us to our starting point and got us set up to start. I believe his name was Dot. It took us 30 minutes to complete. We went through Draco’s castle. I would love go again and try one of the other ones.
Olivia EvansOlivia Evans
20:12 08 Feb 24
So much fun! Dot was amazing! Cant wait to come back!
Tara BalzanoTara Balzano
17:38 07 Feb 24
your momyour mom
21:02 25 Jan 24
Justin NonyaJustin Nonya
22:19 20 Jan 24
Great experiences with my favorite boys
Kay StickaneKay Stickane
16:52 16 Jan 24
The Sudzy BuddhaThe Sudzy Buddha
15:11 16 Jan 24
The Tomb was pretty fun. We were pretty impressed with our score, so when we were told we could get half off a second room we jumped at the opportunity. The only downfall was how we were treated the 2nd time in. The young woman who had to book our session was very rude. The staff acted as though they did not want to be bothered with us. Totally different experiences within the span of a couple of hours. The experience of the escape room was genius, but the staff left me not ever wanting to go back. 2 hours is a long drive to be treated like we didn't belong there.
bella mathewsonbella mathewson
17:27 15 Jan 24
Chad WelchChad Welch
16:16 15 Jan 24
Great first time going @5wits
amberlie sherwoodamberlie sherwood
21:01 10 Jan 24
Annemarie PowersAnnemarie Powers
20:26 01 Jan 24
dennis lapradedennis laprade
23:30 31 Dec 23
We did the space adventure it was kind of cool, but not worth the cost. I personally think 30.00 per person for 25 minutes of slightly above young child type adventure is too much.
Kristine BakerKristine Baker
21:54 31 Dec 23
My kids and I had a great time. It’s a fun team event to work together and solve riddles. All the staff were incredibly friendly and helped make the experience exciting.
Isabel BrownIsabel Brown
02:01 31 Dec 23
Brandon FragaleBrandon Fragale
00:47 31 Dec 23
"Set the Stage, but Not the Price"I recently experienced 5 Wits with my family, and while the set design and atmosphere deserve a standing ovation with 5 stars, the hefty price tag left me feeling like I was attending a Broadway show on a budget.The immersive world they create is top-notch – it's like stepping into a movie. My kids were enthralled, and the accessibility for the whole family was a show-stealer. However, the plot twist came when I saw the bill – a whopping $230 for the entire clan. I couldn't help but feel like I was paying for front-row seats to a blockbuster film rather than a family adventure.At $60 for two, this experience would have been a steal, but at $230 for my family for the same experience i could get for just the wife and I at 60, it felt more like a white-collar crime. In the end, 5 Wits, you nailed the set design, but you might want to reconsider the ticket prices. After all, even the best show on Earth is a tough sell when the price steals the spotlight. I see it used to be $17.99 each which that would easily made this a 5 star review.
Derrick TDerrick T
19:58 21 Dec 23
Gavin EdinburghGavin Edinburgh
20:55 20 Dec 23
Jamison CarrJamison Carr
02:32 13 Dec 23
I've been to both the Albany and Syracuse locations and I like the Syracuse location much better. The staff went above and beyond
Francisco DelvallejFrancisco Delvallej
02:25 13 Dec 23
logan myerslogan myers
13:24 09 Dec 23
The staff are funny and engaging, the puzzles even more so. There are some amazing puzzles to solve, too. Some of them are far easier than others, and that makes everything so intense and interesting. By far, the best thing I've done in NY.
Michael HulingMichael Huling
04:47 03 Dec 23
Both the kids did 2 rooms and loved it!
Mackenzie HulingMackenzie Huling
01:18 01 Dec 23
Aiden McDermottAiden McDermott
01:15 29 Nov 23
Stopped by last minute to stay out of the snow. Despite the dreary weather, Tia, Daniel, and Bayley were so welcoming and helpful!
Kayla GuindonKayla Guindon
01:15 29 Nov 23
I had a great time! Thanks to Tia, Bailey, and Daniel! Deep space was great 🤙🤙🤙
Misha TentserMisha Tentser
01:14 29 Nov 23
Awesome experience curated by Tia and Bailey!
Allyson MAllyson M
02:30 26 Nov 23
Jonathan D'ArrudaJonathan D'Arruda
01:12 26 Nov 23
Super fun activity to while in between shopping!
Rachel SweeneyRachel Sweeney
18:32 24 Nov 23
Great time!
Hannah T.Hannah T.
19:56 20 Nov 23
Lauryn McCombeLauryn McCombe
00:55 12 Nov 23
The staff was absolutely amazing for our first time doing something like this. They built such a rapport with us and helped us in choosing which adventure was best for us for our first experience. The experience itself is so realistic and is a blast. My 12, 8 and 7 yr old loved it so much we did a second one! Worth EVERY penny.
mo momo mo
01:32 08 Nov 23
great time!
James Von SpiegelJames Von Spiegel
01:30 08 Nov 23
Bailey was amazing the deep space room wad
Dillon BlackDillon Black
21:01 05 Nov 23
nicole sangennicole sangen
19:43 05 Nov 23
Sam BonneySam Bonney
19:56 04 Nov 23
Absolutely amazing, immersive and a lot of fun!
flor cardenasflor cardenas
20:04 29 Oct 23
Danielle SimpsonDanielle Simpson
19:46 29 Oct 23
That was high tech and very interactive! Staff was friendly and helpful. This was a good value!
Joshua BrazeJoshua Braze
23:44 28 Oct 23
We had a blast, thank you so much for the fun
Joe ScottJoe Scott
21:43 22 Oct 23
Always a great family experience!!
Benito SuppaBenito Suppa
13:38 19 Oct 23
This was my 2nd visit to a 2nd 5 wits location.Richard was great with us.Games are visually beautiful.Having the same formula with all their game designs is just meh.The "puzzles" are just ok.The biz model of designing games that have zero reset is ok, but you lose the satisfaction of solving things and opening things. It's all touch, feel, shift style "puzzles".My biggest gripe is top dollar price point for only 30 minute games and the fact that the games are designed to "push you through" if you can't solve something fast enough for their liking.
Raven MitchellRaven Mitchell
22:06 15 Oct 23
I honestly didn't get a chance to do it because I was by myself and didn't really have a +1 or +2 to come with me. I think it's a little annoying that they don't have one that's solo or have some integrated way to have people do it solo. Mystery Rooms allows you to do their puzzles by yourself or with people. And yes, I can understand you "need to have a form of cooperation on puzzles" but also not everyone has an extra to go with them. Additionally, there was one person I saw by themselves sitting in the waiting area. Not sure if he was an employee or not but he didn't have company with him. Besides that, it would be something to allow people to do puzzles by themselves.I'm sorry this a bitter review but I'm just stating that there just be stuff for people by themselves.
Amy BeauchampAmy Beauchamp
23:53 14 Oct 23
Not worth the $$
Aviel WierzbickiAviel Wierzbicki
22:57 13 Oct 23
Super fun, great experience!
Adriana BrisenoAdriana Briseno
16:59 10 Oct 23
Had the best time!
Ezra LockwoodEzra Lockwood
20:40 03 Oct 23
My wife and I had a great time, I definitely recommend having three people as a couple rooms was a bit difficult with only two, but it was a blast and great for the price, I highly recommend
Emery LockwoodEmery Lockwood
20:39 03 Oct 23
Amazing customer experience, very fun!
Emily BakerEmily Baker
01:11 03 Oct 23
Omar Short Jr.Omar Short Jr.
00:55 01 Oct 23
Robert HillerRobert Hiller
00:53 01 Oct 23
brandon slater (bts91)brandon slater (bts91)
19:49 28 Sep 23
Best 5 wits hands down
Tayte DeomTayte Deom
16:44 23 Sep 23
Yeet TeenYeet Teen
15:25 23 Sep 23
This place is my childhood and loved every single thing about it
kylee grinnellkylee grinnell
01:33 23 Sep 23
Sterling TaggartSterling Taggart
18:55 22 Sep 23
Best escape rooms in the country
17:47 22 Sep 23
Kenny SejKenny Sej
21:38 03 Sep 23
Went with my family, did the pharaohs tomb, really cool! I would say the puzzles were fun and engaging and the presentation was almost Disney level. Would definitely come back and do the other rooms!
15:39 18 Aug 23
Went a couple of days ago with family and two little ones to celebrate a birthday. They very much enjoyed Dragos castle and were excited at the prospect to come again for the others. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DRAGOS CASTLE FOR LITTLE ONES!! Not too scary and puzzles were simple to follow, yet engaging and provided a moderate level of difficulty.
Was super fun! We did the espionage room. And we had to cross over laser beams and help disarm missiles. It was fun going from room to room and made it feel way cooler than a normal escape room feel. The directions were fairly clear and easy to understand and you couldn't move on to the next section until you finished the one you were in. The staff was super friendly and excited seeming. While we were waiting we played some cornhole.
Alden morrisAlden morris
01:54 27 Jul 23
FANTASTIC staff - great recommendation for our first adventure with engaging conversation with staff before. Highly recommend for people coming either with only one other friend/date or a group of friends. Great for a team building event and able to host large amounts of people.
Hanna EbschHanna Ebsch
19:03 13 Mar 23
My friend and I really enjoyed our time here! It was very interactive and fun to be engaged in the puzzle solving. We will definitely come back again 🙂

What's the Catch?

These rooms don’t just require your mind; they demand body and soul. Imagine breaking ancient curses while sprinting through corridors—Indiana Jones without the giant boulder.

Pro Tip

When assembling your team, diversify. Your trivia-night-obsessed friend? Bring them. Your yoga-loving, flexible cousin? 

Definitely. That neighbor who claims to be a Ninja Warrior? 

Now’s their time to shine. After you are done here, we recommend you push down to downtown Syracuse when visiting upstate New York.

4. The MOST (Museum of Science and Technology): The Geek's Paradise

Why Go?

Do you know science museums? Prepare to eat your protons and neutrons. The MOST isn’t just a collection of dusty exhibits; it’s a full-on science playground featuring a planetarium and other interactive exhibits and experiments that put Bill Nye to shame.

This Syracuse museum is excellent for kids because it is an interactive science museum that might also be good for adults with short attention spans. The museum focuses on family fun while demonstrating different aspects of American art.

What's the Catch?

You may accidentally learn something, and we all know how painful knowledge can be. Prepare to ponder the mysteries of the universe and then some.

Pro Tip

Forget ‘Casual Fridays.’ The MOST celebrates ‘Build-Your-Own-Mini-Rocket Tuesdays.’ Don’t miss the hands-on engineering corner unless you enjoy regretting things.


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5. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: Where Fred Flintstone Would Be a Regular

Why Go?

If the mere mention of ‘meat,’ ‘smoked,’ and ‘dino-sized portions’ sends you into a salivating trance, it’s time for an intervention at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Think of a place where troglodytes and bikers unite over the love of smoky, tender and gloriously grilled meats.

The ambiance screams “prehistorically hip,” complete with a soundtrack of bluesy tunes that would make a T-Rex tap its (tiny) toes. Forget about a small side of fries; this is where you go big or go home—back to the Cretaceous period, perhaps.

This restaurant is in downtown Syracuse, next to a landmark theatre, and is one of the places you must stop when visiting Syracuse.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Based on 9697 reviews
powered by Google
Brittany PotterBrittany Potter
10:42 24 May 24
finally got to try the famous dinosaur bbq and it did not disappoint!
tyler dixontyler dixon
10:32 24 May 24
This used to be the BBQ spot in Syracuse. They stopped being relevant 10 years ago. Never anything new on the menu and the BBQ is mediocre at best. Our server was miserable. I'm pretty sure she's worked there since they opened. If you want actual good BBQ and way better service, try Angry Smokehouse.
15:17 23 May 24
Always perfect!
Sylvie TremblaySylvie Tremblay
01:45 22 May 24
Joseph SymuleskiJoseph Symuleski
00:03 21 May 24
Fantastic food!
Matt LamasMatt Lamas
10:01 18 May 24
Great food and service
Makram SuleimanMakram Suleiman
00:05 18 May 24
Joe SorbelloJoe Sorbello
19:57 17 May 24
What's not to like. Good food, fair prices great atmoshere
K TrabucoK Trabuco
15:18 17 May 24
Ryan PropstRyan Propst
15:01 17 May 24
Old biker bar turned into a restaurant with absolutely great BBQ. The brisket I had was so tender and juicy! Great staff always ready to help. My friend had the wings which he said were a tie for the best he's had (and he travels 2-3 weeks a month across the globe and always has chicken wings).
Bill SchaferBill Schafer
00:11 12 May 24
Camille EshakCamille Eshak
18:09 10 May 24
Really solid BBQ and sides. We got takeout - the 3 meat plate and a chicken sandwich to share. The brisket was amazing! Ribs and pulled pork very good. Mac n cheese side was creamy and rich. Chix sandwich was on point. Very busy on a Saturday night so expect to wait. Staff was very efficient and friendly. They definitely like working there.
Kevin GuriKevin Guri
23:29 08 May 24
Mike MadridMike Madrid
22:54 08 May 24
This place was better in my memory. The brisket was pretty good.
Jennifer LampJennifer Lamp
15:20 08 May 24
Mocha QTMocha QT
01:27 06 May 24
Jim StefankoJim Stefanko
20:53 05 May 24
Definitely the number one place for BBQ in upstate NY. IMO the Rochester location kicks up the heat a bit more than the original Syracuse location.
robert seeleyrobert seeley
20:47 05 May 24
I've had BBQ from all over the country, and Dinosaur is still the Best.Can not say this enough, if you have never been to a Dinosaur BBQ what are you waiting for?Go enjoy what they have to offer.
10:32 05 May 24
It’s a long wait! Call and see what the expected wait time is. Very busy on the weekend. I found portion sizes adequate to large. Meals come with two sides. Pretty tasty!
Charles CheeksCharles Cheeks
10:25 05 May 24
In town for a bday party in the upstairs banquet area. They did a great job and the food was delicious!!
Elizabeth RockwellElizabeth Rockwell
11:25 29 Apr 24
Always a favorite
Laurence BoyettLaurence Boyett
02:27 29 Apr 24
Was lucky to get a seat at the bar, the three bartenders on duty were prompt with taking my drink and food order.Food came out in stages, wings first, then the muxed plate.Thew wings, brisket, and ribs were excellent. The applesauce and beans were very good. All washed down with their Apehanger Ale.No complaints.
Mary HulmeMary Hulme
21:01 28 Apr 24
This place is amazing!! The service, food, and restaurant was off the charts. We came on a Thursday at 3pm and the place was pretty crowded. Our waitress was so attentive and knowledgeable. The wings were well smoked and sauced. We have been to so many bbq joints that don’t smoke their food. We did the 3 meat platter: brisket, ribs, and pulled pork with Mac and cheese and coleslaw. All of the meats were so tender that you didn’t need a knife. They also weren’t drowned in sauce which we liked. It is also amazing in value for money. There’s places where a meat platter would be $40-50. We were really impressed with everything and would definitely come back again!
AldosWorld TVAldosWorld TV
19:06 28 Apr 24
SO TASY OMG, MY FAV spot when on road trips here
18:05 28 Apr 24
Mehmet AkdaşMehmet Akdaş
07:28 24 Apr 24
I liked the shop very much, the service is very good, I will come again when I return from Turkey.
Nisha VargheseNisha Varghese
21:06 23 Apr 24
Nicholas KirkwoodNicholas Kirkwood
23:28 22 Apr 24
Good BBQ
May SmilesMay Smiles
14:32 22 Apr 24
Definitely lives up to the reviews on food and atmosphere. Having Wendy as our server sent everything OVER THE TOP!! Wendy was so kind, attentive and focused on our experience. My husband had the cuban...loved it so much he wished he had ordered two.
Albert Valerino JrAlbert Valerino Jr
12:52 22 Apr 24
Sharon BoustaniSharon Boustani
12:36 17 Apr 24
Came here on a crowded Tuesday, they handled it very well. Organized service, and excellent food will def be back again
Bapi KBapi K
16:00 16 Apr 24
Decent place if you are craving for Bar-B-Que.I had ordered the hot wings and the Pork Rib .The Wings were juicy and spicy and had a hot rub in it ..The Ribs were also good but little on the dry side.The Mac n cheese was really dry but the cole slaw was good as side .The Corn bread was also on the dry sideAlso had a draft beer to enjoy the wings.My daughter tried the chicken sandwich and it was juicy and softThere is enough parking opposite to the restaurant and the place was a bit louder which is good and bad in which ever way you want to see it 🙂
Shawn RoseShawn Rose
13:23 16 Apr 24
Ordered a rack of ribs with fries and coleslaw, and nothing disappointed. Waitress was polite and attentive.
Marcus WatsonMarcus Watson
18:33 15 Apr 24
Came to Syracuse for the eclipse and couldn't help but stop by dinosaur bbq. We have been to both the Harlem and Brooklyn locations several times, but something about the original just seemed better. We really enjoyed our lunch here, or server was great, the good came out quick. Would go back in an instant if in Syracuse again.
Rob BodleyRob Bodley
01:35 15 Apr 24
Great food
Jonathon RichardsonJonathon Richardson
03:31 12 Apr 24
Taylor WangTaylor Wang
19:50 10 Apr 24
Great food affordable drink I had a great time in there
Sloane BaileySloane Bailey
11:52 10 Apr 24
Always great food. Take-out this time - super friendly service!
Joe VJoe V
21:54 09 Apr 24
Great place for a beer and BBQ. BBQ chicken cheese steak sandwich with pablo peppers was great!!
David LiDavid Li
13:21 09 Apr 24
Nick PistilliNick Pistilli
20:47 05 Apr 24
1st time good experience. It was long overdue!!
Mickie BrownMickie Brown
02:50 05 Apr 24
Best BBQ in the United States. Never had a bad meal there.Edited 4/4/24- haven't been since pre-COVID and it seems like everything's changed. I think the buns are different, seems like there's not as much pork in the pork sandwich...... Don't get me wrong, the food is still delicious....... Sign of the times. Miss the music.
Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith
02:40 05 Apr 24
Great place to eat at.
Jevauhn JonesJevauhn Jones
01:14 05 Apr 24
Came highly recommended by a friend and we were not disappointed!! I’m a BBQ lover and this far exceeded my expectations! Kudos!
Nathaniel FlorianNathaniel Florian
21:50 04 Apr 24
Vinh LeVinh Le
03:04 31 Mar 24
Daniel CurreaDaniel Currea
21:43 30 Mar 24
Jennifer RoutierJennifer Routier
20:43 30 Mar 24
The half family meal pictured. They manage the high demand well. The food was incredible and reasonably priced. Definitely recommend the sweat tea.
Shawna CouchShawna Couch
14:20 30 Mar 24
Michael HobanMichael Hoban
02:01 30 Mar 24
kent peterskent peters
15:33 24 Mar 24
Got take out but they had a great atmosphere of a southern BBQ. Food was delicious, enjoyed the greens especially.
22:19 23 Mar 24
Jimmy TeelingJimmy Teeling
17:40 22 Mar 24
As someone who has been to well over 20 different barbeque restaurants all over the United States, I can properly state just how amazing the food here was. Even with a computer system that wasn't working correctly, the service was still out of this world. Every piece of food that we had was absolutely to die for. While I am not personally from Syracuse, this is a MUST GO when in the area.Update: Came back here for my 21st birthday, and the food was even better than the last 2 times I've been there! I also got their sweet and spicy Kentucky Buck, and that was absolutely phenomenal!!! My opinion still stands that this place is an absolute MUST when in Syracuse!
Joe HainesJoe Haines
23:49 21 Mar 24
Tony WardTony Ward
22:09 20 Mar 24
Terrible service if your African American do not go there!!! They will have u waiting and put some many people before us it was ridiculous I observe and watched it myself it was so bad we left and went to another place and mind u there was not one African American in the whole building and now as a visitor to Syracuse I know why!!!!
John ChuJohn Chu
21:27 18 Mar 24
Debbie HoganDebbie Hogan
21:20 18 Mar 24
So good! EVERYTHING was great! Food,atmosphere, waitress! 100% top 10 that I've been to!
Paddleboard AdventuresPaddleboard Adventures
11:58 18 Mar 24
Samantha StreeterSamantha Streeter
00:44 18 Mar 24
Amazing food, great service. The brisket cheesesteak and the mac and cheese are both top tier. Our server, Samantha, was excellent. I'd highly recommend this place.
Annie McGrawAnnie McGraw
21:11 17 Mar 24
Amazing food and service! A huge THANK YOU to Kristy who was our server. She helped me feel safe since I have celiac disease. It's important to note they have a gluten free menu!! I can't wait to come back. 🙂 thank you again!
Antera NaykalykAntera Naykalyk
04:16 13 Mar 24
Amazing food and Mojitos! Please note that portion sizes are HUGE. Serving numbers ("feeds 2-3") on the menu were misleading with the amount of food that came to our table. Loved those leftovers to take home though as they were great reheated too 🙂
00:19 13 Mar 24
BBQ in Upstate NY….I know. Don’t let all the reviews fool you. This is average BBQ at Best. Prices are fair.Cornbread, Ribs, Mac n cheese all good.All the Rest is not very good…All the rest!Totally Avoid the Make bartender….Horrible!
Steven BeaulieuSteven Beaulieu
23:08 12 Mar 24
This was our second visit from Canada and I must say this is the best BBQ I've ever had!! We truly enjoyed the experience and look forward to visiting again!
Dena PuglisiDena Puglisi
21:50 11 Mar 24
Annie HansenAnnie Hansen
22:20 10 Mar 24
Great food! Lenten fish special was a generous portion and delicious. Expansive selection of beverages. All dinners were tasty. Wait for a table not too long for a Friday night. Our waitress was very attentive.
James AlibrandiJames Alibrandi
03:55 07 Mar 24
My wife recently had the fried haddock, said it was the best she's had
Bill KuhlBill Kuhl
00:33 07 Mar 24
Thomas GodfreyThomas Godfrey
14:58 06 Mar 24
Juan TovarJuan Tovar
11:34 06 Mar 24
The chicken wings are definitely worth the wait. The food itself was ok, definitely not worth the hype but worth checking out.
Tanya BelleauTanya Belleau
03:22 05 Mar 24
5 stars ! The food was excellent - brisquet was tender - melting in the mouth. Ribs had a very good hickory / smokey flavour and chicken was juicy. Fries were super good as well and I liked the cornbread. We got the 1/2 family startin’ - and it was more than enough for us 3. Friendly service and we went on a Monday around 5pm so we didn’t have to wait too long to be seated.
Brandon-Dean MorrisBrandon-Dean Morris
12:00 01 Mar 24
Some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had and I’ve had it from all over the country. All of the smoked meats were amazing, the wings (especially the Devils Duel) were outstanding, and even the simmered greens stood out. So good. DO NOT LEAVE without trying the key lime pie. I used to live in Florida and have had it in the Keys from some of the (purported) best in the world. This one topped them all.Amazing experience. Thank you!!!
William HoeperWilliam Hoeper
18:28 29 Feb 24
Jesse MykietynJesse Mykietyn
14:23 29 Feb 24
The ribs were dry and parts were so hard. The shrimp was not deveined and were a little lacking in flavor. The sausage was ok. The wings were absolutely FANTASTIC. Service was friendly but a little slow (it was slow when we went).Overall, the atmosphere was cool, service was pretty good, and hoping the food is a little more up to par next time if we go back.
20:01 28 Feb 24
Tom CarverTom Carver
19:22 28 Feb 24
Love the dinosaur because you don't need to scrape off the Gallons of sauce like you get at the chain. Our waitress was great and very personalable. Coming back to make sure every thing was good . Evethough it was crazy busy for a weekday lunch hour.my daughter said she could have used a touch more sauce, which was sitting right on the table so no points for that!I couldn't finish my 3 meat combo! So came home with a thigh and drumstick. Great time and great food!
Eric IdyEric Idy
06:32 23 Feb 24
Brandon BriggsBrandon Briggs
22:04 22 Feb 24
Good BBQ, definitely not the best I've had but would definitely go back when I am in the area.
Amazing BBQ!! A must if you’re nearby!
Caryn LemmonCaryn Lemmon
13:07 22 Feb 24
Edward FennessyEdward Fennessy
20:25 31 Jan 24
Bob SmithBob Smith
09:51 31 Jan 24
Alexander MormanAlexander Morman
11:14 30 Jan 24
David LutzDavid Lutz
20:44 29 Jan 24
Jenessa FentonJenessa Fenton
18:55 28 Jan 24
This is one of my favorite places to go in the Syracuse area. I love their sauces so much I buy them in the store whenever I can. I wish that they sold their pickles too! Lots of sides to choose from and generous portions.
20:02 25 Jan 24
Brian IndickBrian Indick
09:02 25 Jan 24
The dancer barbecue has been a staple in New York for many years and hopefully many years to come to just walk past here. His pure pleasure that smells that that place produces is unreal. The best smelling food in the world to eat. There is like no other place is so delicious. If you like anything barbecue you go to dinosaur barbecue and Syracuse New York
Steve OplatekSteve Oplatek
02:28 25 Jan 24
Great BBQ and service. Highly recommend you stop by and get some!
teonna weakfallteonna weakfall
12:09 23 Jan 24
Daniel KissDaniel Kiss
19:40 22 Jan 24
Shivam JoshiShivam Joshi
05:21 20 Jan 24
As a vegetarian, liked their deviled eggs
Asher ElliottAsher Elliott
18:51 19 Jan 24
A very cool place, but not worth the wait or hype in my opinion. The food was not as good as I was told, and I had the wait over an hour for a table of 4. Good drinks however! Peraonally, unless you have a reservation, I wouldnt go.
Doug DragonDoug Dragon
01:21 19 Jan 24
Sean KrugerSean Kruger
21:34 18 Jan 24
Dan MalcolmDan Malcolm
23:16 17 Jan 24
Donna AtonDonna Aton
08:15 14 Jan 24
Love this place. Prices were reasonable drive there from out of town to visit with friends & enjoy their bbq
Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly
05:32 14 Jan 24
It was a good place to visit but just that a visit not some places I'd go to often and prices are to high
Randy SheetsRandy Sheets
02:24 14 Jan 24
Matt BolenMatt Bolen
23:22 13 Jan 24
Jeremy ZellaJeremy Zella
17:04 13 Jan 24
This place is a Syracuse staple. If you don’t know about Dinosaur, then you live under a rock or you’re not from the area. The place speaks for itself. It’s lively, with melt-in-your-mouth brisket, and TREMENDOUS staff. Only downside - parking comes at a premium. Always time well spent at Dinosaur.
Ronny LightRonny Light
02:34 08 Jan 24
Greens on point. Mash taters okay. Brisket.....FATTIE. They should be Ashamed. It was disgusting. Didn't really know until I got back to hotel room miles away. Who do you complain to then...or order something different? I'll be back maybe and just order veggies/sides. Seriously Over-Rated.
Mary LibertyMary Liberty
21:54 06 Jan 24
Sirena HawkinsSirena Hawkins
16:14 06 Jan 24
Antonio ZurloAntonio Zurlo
12:37 05 Jan 24
Charles SullivanCharles Sullivan
14:07 03 Jan 24
Always worth the wait, classic Syracuse cuisine
Kevin OvertonKevin Overton
01:20 02 Jan 24
The food has always been good, I only had their catering and had never been to the restaurant. The service was great, and the food was really good, I was not disappointed.