Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to my ultimate guide to Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. As a professional journalist and casino enthusiast, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about this luxurious hotel and casino.

You’ll learn about the endless entertainment options, world-class gaming, culinary delights, spectacular shows, unparalleled nightlife, and relaxation and luxury Rio offers. 

Through this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

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  • Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is a luxury hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Rio offers endless entertainment options, world-class gaming, culinary delights, spectacular shows, unparalleled nightlife, relaxation, and luxury.
  • This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth look into the Rio experience.
  • Experience the best of Las Vegas at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.
  • Book your stay today and hit the jackpot with us!
Leo Johnson JrLeo Johnson Jr
09:28 16 Apr 24
li yutingli yuting
07:09 16 Apr 24
Ronald WilcoxenRonald Wilcoxen
06:28 16 Apr 24
Oliver HardyOliver Hardy
06:03 16 Apr 24
No microwave and the RESORT FEES ARE TERRIBLE!!!
Cassandra MobleyCassandra Mobley
05:19 16 Apr 24
Overall, not bad of a location off the strip as commuting back-and-forth to conferences at Mandalay Bay is easily accessible and quick.There is a beautiful view of the strip and the mountains surrounding Las Vegas and the renovated rooms are absolutely beautiful. However, originally we didn’t have a renovated room and the room that we walked into had a visible bloodstain that gave a reminiscence of early Las Vegas on the floor and everything was heavily stained over the years which seemed along the lines of being a biohazard. Due to this, the hotel moved us to a renovated room but gave us a hard time initially.The check in line is known for being quite long as it took over an hour which could be improved upon, the hotel is actively being renovated though so things could change in the near future.
It's clean due to remodeling and the location is good.
Jason LangellaJason Langella
06:46 10 Apr 24
It's more like a motel instead of a casino resort hotel.
Abraham C.Abraham C.
03:49 10 Apr 24
I tried this place for the respect of Dice West Convention location. I tripped on some bad rug in the Masquerade tower and took them a full hour to supply me with some bandages and alcohol swabs. The room I stayed in only had three outlets and had to seriously cope wit the lack of availability with my electronics, Next there was a very awkward window peaking from the bathroom to the bedroom area. We didn't even have a clock for our room. I wouldn't stay here again if I didn't have reservation already made without refund.
Heather Kelley CravenHeather Kelley Craven
03:22 10 Apr 24
00:54 10 Apr 24
Andrew KAndrew K
09:59 04 Apr 24
The room was spacious, quiet, and well-soundproofed.The staff was friendly, but the lounge on the first floor was not comfortable.It was cheap and I used it well.
Leon BosmansLeon Bosmans
08:56 04 Apr 24
Jeanette MoranJeanette Moran
06:31 04 Apr 24
Larissa WoodardLarissa Woodard
04:20 04 Apr 24
Hamza KhanHamza Khan
07:36 29 Mar 24
Rio hotel room is very spacious and this hotel is very good
Fernando DeLaFernando DeLa
07:35 29 Mar 24
This Casino is Dead. There's Nothing to do there. No Buffet. No Club. No Food Court. Plus it's Far from the Strip. I will Never Go or Stay there ever again
For the most part, the staff is great. With that said, I'm mean... it's Vegas and, I'm a minority from California... I think you know what it is from there...
04:59 29 Mar 24
Does the Rio feel a bit dated compared to some of the high-end Las Vegas hotels? Sure, but that’s part of its charm.The 90s were better than the 2020s anyway.Also, it feels good to come back to it after a long day of walking on the Strip, even though it’s not far. It’s wild out there.
Akshat JainAkshat Jain
01:49 29 Mar 24
My god, 1 hour of check in wait because self serve kiosk do not work. Everyone spent 10 mins trying that out, and no one cared to tell that they can’t find the reservation.Followed by a 30 min trip to my room on 38th floor. Two Elevators out of service means there are long lines for elevators everytime you want to go to your room.Frustrating experience.
Frank BlocksFrank Blocks
07:15 23 Mar 24
Angelica IslasAngelica Islas
04:33 23 Mar 24
em explorerem explorer
01:07 23 Mar 24
Amazing large room for cheap
Queen Of DiamondzQueen Of Diamondz
00:17 23 Mar 24
I checked into this hotel on March 19 24 and stayed for 2 nights checked out March 21 24. The Pros of this Resort and Casino is that they offer many amenities such as free parking,valet,restraunts,casino,arcade,gift shop,stores and the large views the cons of this hotel is that the casino and the entire hotel smells of cigarettes which is your a non smoker and have kids it's really a bummer. I had booked a 2 queen bed room that had a sofa couch and a desk with ottomans at the bed side and non smoking the pictures on the website were completely different from the room all the furniture was chipped,old dirty and outdated the couches the floor were dirty and stained the tv didn't even work and the room smelled of cigarettes which i have 3 kids and newborn i called the hotel asking if they can switch me room they denied me and said that they would just sense houskeeping to deodorize the room which we would have to wait outside for 15 mins until it's done they came and did it as soon as we went in the air was fresh but after the freshener went it away it still smelled and they sent the maintenance man up 5 hours later to fix the tv also housekeeping steals your personal belongings which we have had something stolen from us we got lost and found and they said nothing has turned up of what we lost i loved the sky view and the colors at night of the building i would give this a 4/10 definitely wouldn't come back.
Sharon WatsonSharon Watson
23:46 22 Mar 24
Belinda TateBelinda Tate
06:06 17 Mar 24
Raw & FlawlessRaw & Flawless
03:28 17 Mar 24
Just went in to pee. Nice clean bathroom though. 😂
00:12 17 Mar 24
Worst in Las Vegas for Comps. Let me explain. I have top players cards from several casino chains and a seven star(top card) card from Caesars.I had a reservation from Caesars prior to Rio changing ownership. I wanted the Ipenema tower, which was my res from Caesars. They changed the res to the masquerade tower which is awful. Had to fight tooth and nail to get back to the ipenema tower which has nice updated rooms. (The only thing I can comment that is great) Response from owner will just state this and do nothing about other issues I am sure.Hot water is hit or miss.....Comps are the worst. I gambled quite a bit and got a comped masquerade tower mid week room and was charged over $40 a night resort fee. No other comped rooms at other properties have ever charged resort fees.All I can say is that they have zero clue how to market to true gamblers. At least in my case.The gift shop is so over priced, like double vs other gifts shops at other casinos. Good luck staying here!!
18:46 16 Mar 24
I would like to report a very good interaction with one of your staff members at the check out counter named Michelle. She was extremely helpful with an issue we experienced that happened in our hotel room. She turned a bad incident into a good result in the end. We appreciated her help and it gave us a positive experience with the Rio so we will be returning again soon.
Sarah VelinSarah Velin
08:48 11 Mar 24
Mr EMr E
00:35 11 Mar 24
Jason BookerJason Booker
22:57 10 Mar 24
This review is based on a pre-renovated Rio. We stayed in the Masquerade building which is showing its age.The casino under the masquerade was also clearly in decline or about to be renovated, as multiple store fronts were closed or empty.The casino does have free parking, which is worth something since most of the strip costs at least $20 now.The hotel is a decent value, but if you want to be able to walk the strip I would consider looking elsewhere.
Daniel RojasDaniel Rojas
20:10 10 Mar 24
Wow I'm o
Scott P.Scott P.
18:45 10 Mar 24
Jana WyontJana Wyont
06:21 05 Mar 24
Ricky DavisRicky Davis
03:57 05 Mar 24
The stay started off good but the room was super outdated and the beds looked really old in the masquerade tower. In the middle of the night at 2AM there was a bed bug crawling on my wife and that ruined the whole stay. We were given another room at 2AM on our last night and the resort fee was taken care of. They gave us food credit but at 2AM it didn’t help much because we have a flight today. It Really ruined our last night in Vegas having to move rooms so late and having to worry about if we may have taken bed bugs home with us. The room we were moved to was nicer but we didn’t get to enjoy it as it was so late. Extremely disappointing and upsetting.
piter spoelstrapiter spoelstra
03:04 05 Mar 24
Charles WashingtonCharles Washington
02:37 05 Mar 24
Reservations is terrible, trying to book room for a few days no one answers when they place you on 3 times each call over 25 minutes and Never had anyone answer. I won't be staying there ever or family and friends. Just Terrible!!!!
Georgine DavenportGeorgine Davenport
02:28 05 Mar 24
We stayed in a newly renovated room this time. Huge and comfortable. They are renovating the entire hotel. The food court is a great addition, good food at reasonable prices. But as a whole, they need to step up their service. Both times we stayed here, they messed up our reservations. This year, we only had wash cloths one day, and were told they ran out. Really?! And I have to say, it really bugs me that there are no prices shown on the items in the gift shop!! So when you get to the register, you get sticker shock!! The only reason we stayed here a second year in a row was because we were there for the pool championships both years. We wouldn’t choose to stay here otherwise. And it’s off the strip and not a fun walk to and from the strip!!
Danielle CrespinDanielle Crespin
09:13 28 Feb 24
I love this place!!! There’s great energy flowing through the Rio!!! Please bring back the parade in the sky please please please!!!
peter paniaguapeter paniagua
06:20 28 Feb 24
Arelys QArelys Q
01:26 28 Feb 24
We recently stayed at The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, drawn in by its seemingly decent appearance and budget-friendly price. However, my experience was far from satisfactory, leading me to regret my decision.Upon arrival, the first noticeable issue was the stark difference between the online photos and the actual condition of the hotel. It’s under renovations.Furthermore, the hotel had an overwhelming bad odor, and to my dismay, there was a noticeable presence of people smoking weed. This not only posed a health concern but also contributed to an uncomfortable and uninviting environment.A major disappointment was the room allocation. Despite booking and paying for a deluxe room with 2 queen beds, I was given a standard room with one bed and a sofa bed. The reason provided was a lack of availability, which is unacceptable considering the reservation was made well in advance. This mismanagement was evident, as I observed many guests the next day expressing their frustrations and requesting refunds.Owing to these unacceptable conditions, I reached out to Expedia to request a change of hotel. Fortunately, they accommodated my request, relocating me to a much better hotel, which salvaged the remainder of my stay in Las Vegas.My experience at The Rio Hotel and Casino was highly unsatisfactory. The hotel did not meet the basic standards of cleanliness and service expected, and the discrepancy between the advertised and actual offerings was misleading. I strongly advise potential guests to consider other options when planning their stay in Las Vegas.
Tom StewartTom Stewart
01:20 28 Feb 24
Vanessa McfaddenVanessa Mcfadden
23:42 27 Feb 24
Román TurrubiatesRomán Turrubiates
18:15 22 Feb 24
Steve NelsonSteve Nelson
16:43 22 Feb 24
Only came to the Rio to see "Penn and Teller", but what I saw looked great.
Geo SuarezGeo Suarez
13:49 22 Feb 24
Patrick McguginPatrick Mcgugin
04:24 22 Feb 24
After watching numerous documentaries about Vegas's largest buffet here (as recently as last week!), I wanted to try it....a great big NOPE!!! buffet is GONE....not being racist here but if you're hungry here you better like Asian food...although the dim-sum restaurant smelled great! Or you could go to Guy Fierery(sp?)'s idea of a Mexican food place....if you are over the age of 21, your head will explode there. There is also a store, a BIG store dedicated to the band KISS.....why? Now I know why the room was only $22 (plus, add insult to injury....a $50 resort fee). No USB in rooms either.
Michael TorresMichael Torres
03:35 22 Feb 24
Emily TorresEmily Torres
08:31 17 Feb 24
We arrived Thursday night. We got into our room and it absolutely stank like wet dog. We got our room switched to a renovated room in the newer wing but had to pay extra for that. It was supposed to be 40 a night and we paid 20 a night. So I guess a good thing. Later more family came and they also got a smelly room so they had to switch to a renovated one. The hotel tried giving our room to that family, but we couldn’t fit. So for that inconvenience they gave us $50 dollars to eat anywhere in the hotel. And So for the other family members the hotel gave them another room. Now it’s Friday night and apparently the other family members key stopped working. Both of the keys. The family member had to wait in line for an hour just to reactivate the key. Just wanted to let other customers know.Update: apparently we never “checked in” but the hotel was the one that gave the room. And took out stuff from the room.
marquan thomasmarquan thomas
08:13 17 Feb 24
Cynthia AndriolaCynthia Andriola
04:33 17 Feb 24
Definitely improved the ambiance. Good selection of machines
ام عمرام عمر
03:47 17 Feb 24
Ryan WangRyan Wang
00:12 17 Feb 24
10:34 11 Feb 24
Me HimMe Him
09:34 11 Feb 24
This place used to rock now it just falls flat the hotel staff is just awful 😖 to the extent that no amount (and I mean no amount) of free rooms or free food could coax me back disgusting treatment for a former 7 stars ceasars player.
Male RNMale RN
06:21 11 Feb 24
Olena NovikOlena Novik
02:32 11 Feb 24
01:04 11 Feb 24
Needs redoing and up grades. Views are great but room was flooded or something. Furniture had water damage. Dead gambling parking structure was beyond gross.
Maria SamuelsMaria Samuels
09:07 05 Feb 24
Christopher SmithChristopher Smith
05:03 05 Feb 24
Odilia RuballosOdilia Ruballos
00:04 05 Feb 24
23:12 04 Feb 24
Wow, the newly installed Rio exterior lighting is absolutely awesome - nothing else in Vegas (the brightest spot on the planet when viewed from space) comes close!
Vegas KartVegas Kart
23:00 04 Feb 24
Had a great stay clean updated room large enjoyed the stay. The people were great. No complaints would definitely stay again.
Keith ThompsonKeith Thompson
08:28 30 Jan 24
The cards wouldn't work no amenities that you pay for coffee is $13 for two small cups
Robert E. LaceyRobert E. Lacey
04:20 30 Jan 24
Great place to chill off the strip recommend it
Dave GutierrezDave Gutierrez
00:24 30 Jan 24
Carol PlayerCarol Player
21:47 29 Jan 24
The rooms and hotel has many upgrades with more to come soon.
Ajm BAjm B
20:44 29 Jan 24
Stayed here last year and had an amazing experience and a nice room for alot less. I booked for this year and got the wrong room. They put me in the correct room but charged me an extra $75 a night and it was so gross. I started the tub for the kids and this is what the water looked like, must not have cleaned the jets in awhile. I should have took more pictures. Finally, they put me in a clean room but it was so frustrating to have to change rooms 2 times, with kids and deal with all the frustration. The manager didn't seem to care. Very disappointed, especially because I've referred so many people from our group to stay here.
Cheriyg NewCheriyg New
09:17 24 Jan 24
Jesus VillarJesus Villar
05:35 24 Jan 24
Austen WAusten W
03:55 24 Jan 24
Whole place smells like garbage, gross carpets, found a cockroach in our room, tasteless and overpriced food options. Will not be going back at any time. Also the review responses are just AI
Andrea BowersAndrea Bowers
01:44 24 Jan 24
Went to comedy show was okay
martin rodriguez duranmartin rodriguez duran
22:31 23 Jan 24
skylar simonskylar simon
10:07 18 Jan 24
Stars & StripesStars & Stripes
04:29 18 Jan 24
This last trip to Las Vegas has been the worst in 20 years, its dying. This was one of our favorite places. They had a mardi gras themed show called 'Show in the sky' in the evenings and we always stayed because of that. They cancelled the show foolishly, the stores upstairs have gone downhill or closed and check-in lines were terrible. There appears no reason to return. Las Vegas needs to wake up !
Jacqui DaleyJacqui Daley
02:01 18 Jan 24
Be sure to book with the hotel directly and not through the airline while booking air fare. We were surprised by the $350 resort fee when checking in and $200 incidental fee. This had to be paid when we checked in. Our room was already paid prior to arrival on our credit card. Shocked to see $550 due and the $200 incidental fee to be refunded. Will check my statement for that one. The staff was very professional and courteous. But I would not stay at the hotel again or recommend.
Chantill SatterleeChantill Satterlee
00:41 18 Jan 24
The rooms were huge first 2 nights we stayed in a suite then the following nights in a regular room front desk was helpful and kind bell dudes are great casino was clean only issue I was bummed about was the salon was closed whole time we were thereThe hotel is currently under renovations looking fabulous
Deo FletchDeo Fletch
23:22 17 Jan 24
Between Expedia and the Rio we had a classic case of pictures matching the room. Expedia had the reno'd rooms showing for all pictures. So 2022 is vs 1997. After and an hour and half on the phone they did upgrade us to the best 97 had to offer. Which was a giant one bedroom suite with a million dollar view of the strip. Complete with cocaine end tables. Lol. I included the picture when we booked vs what we got vs the view from the upgrade. I unfortunately only took a video of our 97 penthouse.
Muzaffar NazrievMuzaffar Nazriev
07:29 12 Jan 24
John GabbyJohn Gabby
07:15 12 Jan 24
i’m here for a gymnastics convention for my 10 year old daughter. both my young kids were woken up at 11pm by construction workers banging on our window. (on the 19th floor)they had been there for hours with flashlights shining into our room.So, i went down to talk to the front desk and the kid working said there’s nothing they can do. he went over and spoke to his manager, the manager looked right at me but didn’t come over. kid came back and said his manager said nothing they could do, the construction guys work till midnight.horrible customer service.- WARNING-you have a kids convention in vegas and youplan on staying here, better plan on construction guys peering in (and banging on)your windows until midnight. and a hotelmanager that won’t take the time to comeover and apologize.
B AshbyB Ashby
03:27 12 Jan 24
Mark SivieroMark Siviero
00:06 12 Jan 24
Sushruta ReddySushruta Reddy
06:42 06 Jan 24
06:07 06 Jan 24
Unfortunate experience, I gave the hotel a chance to respond and they never did. Let's start with the good; the view from our hotel room and the meal at the Korean BBQ restaurant. Now the bad; the hotel is under construction and they are still charging resort fees. The construction part doesn't bother me, but you have to tell guests that amenities are not available. Food is pricey $$$ (uncomfortably so) if you're not prepared. Front desk comped my resort fee for the previous night but told me I would either continue to be charged for my stay since I was aware, or I could find another property; are you kidding me? First time I felt unwelcome in a hotel and had 3 hotel employees go off on me, once over a cup of coffee, at check out, and the other above.
Roger WakefieldRoger Wakefield
05:17 06 Jan 24
Julia RodriguezJulia Rodriguez
01:05 06 Jan 24
Horrible, Horrible experience with the staff Double charges on my account more then once customer was complaining about the same experience charged the deposit and resorts fee twice which should be refunded upon check out which did happened and even checked out they charged me again for no reason the deposit and resorts fee which is illegal still fighting to get all is owed to me
Couchfu MasterCouchfu Master
00:38 06 Jan 24
Very friendly staff. Fun casino.
02:54 31 Dec 23
Swift PlumbingSwift Plumbing
02:20 31 Dec 23
00:43 31 Dec 23
Nice room for the price
Victor MedinaVictor Medina
20:03 30 Dec 23
Tai 32 VlogTai 32 Vlog
19:55 30 Dec 23
09:21 25 Dec 23
The rooms are not luxurious, but I think they are good, clean, with no noise, I think I would stay there again.
Iceman YIceman Y
03:47 25 Dec 23
Ladan SahraeiLadan Sahraei
02:07 25 Dec 23
fatima nahinfatima nahin
01:55 25 Dec 23
Worst experience ever. This girl Angelina was very rude and unhelpful. The room was full of stains and smelled like urine. Tried to change the room and they said they were all out but I was checking online and it showed there was availability. Angelina proceeded to give us a hard time and later after calling the manager he just gave us a room.
Melodie KnuchellMelodie Knuchell
01:08 25 Dec 23
Elen TyanElen Tyan
09:01 19 Dec 23
the new renovated rooms were nice but our shower and toilet was clogged ,the room smelled like weed ! early morning construction noise we couldn’t sleep nor enjoy our stay . Also the resort fee was too high , there was no wifi in our room , there was no housekeeping . Very disappointed ! The bating wether to stay here again due to the high resort free and you get nothing in return form it .
06:31 19 Dec 23
Estefanía PonceEstefanía Ponce
04:34 19 Dec 23
Roy MearsRoy Mears
20:58 18 Dec 23
Did not stay there. Just visited the Cowboy Christmas 🎄
20:56 18 Dec 23
I stayed there last month and we were told we could check out at 12 noon when we checked in instead of 11am. The next day I took my suitcase with me to breakfast downstairs because they have signs saying they can enter your room at any time. After breakfast I came back to the room to find a cleaning person there and it was only 10:38AM. I asked her to leave so I could use the restroom and she refused. I told her I hadn’t checked out yet, and she didn’t care, she told me she had already started cleaning and she wasn’t going to let me in. When I asked her to call the front desk she said they were sending security to escort me out!!!! Awful service, and they effectively kicked me out of my room before even the official check out! I’m still super upset about this almost 3 weeks later. Also the towels they provided had clearly been used by the previous guest and been refolded as if they were clean 🤮
Anita MartinezAnita Martinez
05:58 13 Dec 23
Frank MartinezFrank Martinez
05:56 13 Dec 23
Shower was leaking into closet. Next day they didn't have hot water.
Ken BatsonKen Batson
03:25 13 Dec 23
Oh wow very impressive and great place to visit and stay.Way above the circus circus and this place is top notch and super real extra impressive 💪😀Serious recommended...
bridget thompsonbridget thompson
01:55 13 Dec 23
We stayed with the Rio from Dec 2nd - Dec 8th and we loved it!!! Rooms were big! Housekeeping came every day and took our trash and made our beds! Everyone was so nice they told us about the renovations being done but we never heard a thing! We brought our 9 year old to Vegas and everyone was so kind to him💙The casino smelt like smoke but it's not the only hotel I went into that week that smelt like that. I think any place that allows smoking inside needs to figure something out not just the rio. Maybe some kind of fans to keep the air moving would help that situation. Simple fix. Besides that I have absolutely no complaints!!! I can't wait to see the hotel completely renovated!
Darcy BlazekDarcy Blazek
22:37 12 Dec 23
Jessica BraatenJessica Braaten
06:26 07 Dec 23
Andrew HinningrAndrew Hinningr
05:42 07 Dec 23
Ang NoneyaAng Noneya
19:06 06 Dec 23
Glenna KamholzGlenna Kamholz
17:18 06 Dec 23
Rooms under renovation. Holes in walls covered by wall paper 😡 Paid for upgraded room and did not get it 😡 Moved to 3rd room to get ok one. Casino floor is empty and under machine changes. Nothing much open. $40 a day resort fee on top of room for nothing much. Sad as this place used to be nice. Stay next store at the Gold Coast or Palms instead.
Matthew GauleyMatthew Gauley
03:42 01 Dec 23
the executive suite was nice enough for the price, but construction starting at 5:30 AM? I won't be coming back when the next conference I go to is in town.edit: removed a star for turning the water off multiple times during my stay.
Courtney ChristinaCourtney Christina
01:50 01 Dec 23
22:45 30 Nov 23
Booked a one night stay 2 weeks ago, just before F1. Flew in late and just needed a night.It was incredibly strange that the hotel lights were all off on the outside looking like they were out of business. They said they're changing all the bulbs which is why the lights for the signs are not on at night.I had booked a king bed but they had ran out and given me two queens, no big deal. The rooms were really big and it looked like it was recently renovated.The wifi only worked in the lobby first floor. It did not work in the rooms. The TV did not connect at times and wouldn't load. But I still had to pay a resort fee or a fee for those services.Secondly, any one can go up to any floor without a key. The key card is not locked to just your room. Lock your room, make sure it's secured from the inside.It's a little far from the strip, so you either rent a car or take Lyft/Uber.For $100 a night, you pay for what you get.
Marcela CruzMarcela Cruz
21:26 30 Nov 23
Wonderful staff. Super helpful and fun to talk to. The rooms were nice and clean and quiet. The temperature was perfect inside the room.
Jing XuJing Xu
08:32 25 Nov 23
We paid good price and held high expectation of this hotel. It turned out to be a nightmare. We were checked into an outdated room in an extremely poor condition. We called the front desk and were told to come downstairs and they would switch an upgraded room for us. So we packed everything back and went to the front desk, only being told no more upgraded room available. The front desk manager Javier had zero professionalism to address issues but was very good at escalating frustration. He even threatened if we were not happy with the current room, we could get a refund and leave, right in the midnight. How can this whole experience acceptable if the hotel truly considers customer satisfaction? We are looking forward to speaking with Javier’s manager first thing tomorrow to hopefully resolve this unpleasant experience.
david harrisondavid harrison
06:17 25 Nov 23
Cool place off the strip. Watched the wow stage show which was awesome. A few decent food options that are fairly priced
Alison BurdgAlison Burdg
02:55 25 Nov 23
Anita BAnita B
00:04 25 Nov 23
Great stay for the money. Although, we paid for a strip view and got rooftop view and mountains. Spacious rooms. The phone didn't work. Upgraded but lots of smells. Assuming from new carpet and wallpaper. Had to move temp to nearly 80 to get room to warm up though. Otherwise, the room was freezing. The tile looks nice but very cold, and since it is in the changing and bathroom, it was freezing also. The fridge is good for a few drinks but not very cold.
wesley majorwesley major
22:13 24 Nov 23
Jordan GaydenJordan Gayden
09:35 19 Nov 23
I come to Vegas with only 120 in my account, and I came at a bad time because I cannot put cas in my account at this time of night.I booked a room online via hopper.I come to confirm my roomBut wait the proce online that you already pay doesn't get you a room because the hotel has 2 fees equaling $100.They won't take cash, you can't get a gift card to pay with.Hopper won't refund me without the hotel approval and the hotel won't approve my refund.Javier said its because I booked the hotel the same day and you need t cancel within 48 hours.Obviously this isn't that type of case, this is a I do t have the funds case. And now I have to sleep in the stall of the bathroom because I have nowhere to go and cash isn't good in Vegas anymore.It's such a shame that these companies work together to keep you down.Don't use 3rd party appsGo directly to who you want to Book with.If the staff aren't good caring ppl (hospitable) don't get a room there.Some ppl are soulless and feed off your suffering especially if ur a tourist.
David StrottmanDavid Strottman
08:13 19 Nov 23
In a rebuild after a new company bought it.
mara severnsmara severns
05:46 19 Nov 23
old motel but clean and big rooms one bed was worn out
Tom KushKushTom KushKush
03:50 19 Nov 23
Went there two weeks ago and almost half the casino machines were out of service! Plus both mornings at 8 o clock sharp the hammer drilling started!! Had to go to the Palms across the street to play! Don't go!
Andres caniulafAndres caniulaf
03:43 19 Nov 23
Daniel DinizDaniel Diniz
06:40 13 Nov 23
Mekia FarmerMekia Farmer
05:48 13 Nov 23
The staff was very helpful. The room we were given was upgraded for free, due to wanting a jacuzzi tub. The only problem was there was remodeling going on and at times it was noisy or the water was turned off without notice. The room was in need of repairs. Otherwise it was a decent stay.
Michelle DennieMichelle Dennie
03:35 13 Nov 23
Javier Mejia ReynosoJavier Mejia Reynoso
00:10 13 Nov 23
There are better hotels and for the price better one on the strip
Brian MontgomeryBrian Montgomery
23:44 12 Nov 23
Rooms are dated but huge, the price is great, and the service is perfection. Valet is free everyone is polite and I got way more value than I was expecting.
07:26 07 Nov 23
No coment
Anna WebbAnna Webb
06:58 07 Nov 23
We spent the weekend here and the room is large and beautiful. It’s not on the strip but it’s close by. They have a wide variety of nice restaurants, including Starbucks and Smashburger. I recommend this location for those who want to stay without being in the heavy tourism of the strip. Please be advised that the pool is closed for remodeling. Unfortunately, the best pool in Las Vegas is closed for the season.
04:57 07 Nov 23
All fine
Jesse GarciaJesse Garcia
03:35 07 Nov 23
Stayed here many times, this last time was woken up early to construction in the adjacent rooms. It was very frustrating after staying out partying. Complained, but it didn't stop. The hotel did reimburse me $50. I would think it would have been more of during the week task, not a more expensiveduring the weekend, activity.
C. Elena CabreraC. Elena Cabrera
03:26 07 Nov 23
Caramel CandieCaramel Candie
07:59 01 Nov 23
Buyer beware! When booking the resort, it does not disclose their resort fees, although all other Vegas resorts disclose this information prior to booking. The manager on duty, Javiey, was extremely rude and unhelpful, threatening to cancel my reservation, which I had pre-paid. I have stayed in many resorts in Vegas and will NEVER stay at the Rio Hotel ever again. The manager needs training on conflict resolution and customer service!
Hicho RossHicho Ross
05:06 01 Nov 23
Ryan SmithRyan Smith
19:24 31 Oct 23
An honest and fair review - stayed at this place a couple times when owned by Caesar’s and had mixed experiences so thought based on a comp room offer I’d give it another shot under new ownership.To start hotel checkin - honoured the comp room from Caesar’s but changed the room type to a basic king. Got offered a premium room for 40$ a night extra, despite being told my original reservation would be honoured.Got to the room and checked in, very dated room with no hot water when we tried to shower. The tub was full of mould around the corners and the bathroom counter had long blonde hairs despite me being a guy with short hair. Room was the worst out of any Rio stay before and there was and still is dried blood on the back of the bathroom door.Casino experience - everything closed from shops to entertainment options. Half the slot machines were out of service. Decided to sit at the bar and have a drink or two. My partner ended up having a bug in her drink from the bar and the two bartenders were joking with each other about failing a health inspection…. We later came back and found that the bar was closed officially and staff were checking the bottles behind the bar with flashlights. Absolutely disgusting to still serve customers while knowing there’s an issue.Gaming - every other casino off strip including the two right next door offer 3:2 blackjack at lower than 25$ limits. Here there was no such thing… even the pit manager stated she thought it was ridiculous and that’s why other properties are super busy right next door compared to them. She said she hoped the new ownership would change that but has been disappointed. When ever your pit managers are saying the odds are better elsewhere I don’t have to say anything else about gaming here. Downtown, Ellis island or even the casinos next to the Rio offer better bang for their buck.Staff were all friendly - Asian cusine was good - went to the Indian buffet around 7 pm and were the only ones there, the hostess who was on her phone when we walked in admitted the food may be stale and to take a look at the food before we decided to eat, we did and it was clear why she suggested that, we walked out.Overall the worst Vegas experience I’ve had to date. Take your money elsewhere.Photo of the closure notice posted on the Rio bar from the southern Nevada health districtMy recommendation if you stay here is to walk across the street (10 mins away) to the palms or the Gold Coast for gambling.
Jay SeegmillerJay Seegmiller
17:00 31 Oct 23
Stayed at the Rio on Oct 28th the rate was paid in advance $225.57 for the night. When I checked in the clerk said that the room was paid for, but I still owed a $98.00 Resort fee. Nowhere in making the revervation did it say anything about a resort fee. Not sure what the resort fee was for. There was nothing resort like in this hotel. No room service. The pool was closed for renovation, the workout area was closed for renovation, the room was a good size, but not outlets in or around the nightstands for cell phone charges or C-PAP machines. If you pulled the bed out from the wall and unplugged the lights and clock you could use those. No coffee maker or microwave in room. we had to go down stairs to order food, and wait for it to take to our room. They would not let us order over the phone and come down to pick up. The one order of nachos and 8 hot wings we ordered were not great, and cost $45.00 before the tip. Wallpaper in bathroom was pealing off the wall, and the fire alarm went of 2 times during the one night stay. The front desk said not to worry about it, it was on the 4th floor, but we were on th 9th floor and it was hard not to worry about a possible fire on the 4th floor. I gave this a generous 3 stars just for the size of the room. Service was terrible, and food way overpriced in both restaurants we tried for the quality and taste. The $98 resort fee was criminal. I have had better stays at Motel 6.
Mb BbMb Bb
10:03 26 Oct 23
Remodeled, very comfortable rooms
Dana GeorgeDana George
06:06 26 Oct 23
Pool was closed early90% of the casino machines were "out of service"No laundry even though advertisedMost of the retail outlets are closed. 45 minute wait for Starbucks coffee (the only coffee available onsite)No amenities in the room (except the fridge)Then charged my credit card twice and over $100 more than was on the invoice. Ignored my email requesting information on why.
Luis MaciasLuis Macias
05:48 26 Oct 23
P HendersonP Henderson
03:46 26 Oct 23
We spent a couple of nights here. The place was under construction, the pools were under renovation, many of the restaurants were closed. Our rooms were dated. Overall we were underwhelmed.
Anna YoungAnna Young
03:12 26 Oct 23
Steven ZhouSteven Zhou
10:42 20 Oct 23
Mia OjanenMia Ojanen
10:03 20 Oct 23
Chris HennenChris Hennen
07:58 20 Oct 23
This is a very very sad hotel, filthy rooms that are very poorly maintained my suite was "recently remodeled" according to the website, maybe the website was 30 years old, otherwise it had incorrect information. Like the football player who peaked in highschool; it was never great and today it is what is leftover of that 'greatness' from 40 years ago.Stay because you need a cheap place. Otherwise stay away.
craig weinbergercraig weinberger
05:57 20 Oct 23
The rooms are getting renovated now. Most of the machines are not available which forced us to go elsewhere to gamble. The restaurants are mostly closed.
Jenn CruseJenn Cruse
04:49 20 Oct 23
Mathew MatinMathew Matin
05:11 14 Oct 23
Wow, this Hotel & Casino needs some love! Sadly it’s showing its age. I was surprised to see that all but the entrance lights were off before 9pm? We went to see Penn & Teller, I was pump to see them, great show! Thank you guys!! 🫶🏽🙏🏽
Harry Curtis (Harry)Harry Curtis (Harry)
03:05 14 Oct 23
Unbelievable, requested a refund within 10 hours of booking after realising that their check-in policy is 21+ (I’m 20 from AUS) said they’d issue the refund within 12-18 weeks. What kind of refund policy is that? Outraged
Jarmar BridgesJarmar Bridges
20:45 13 Oct 23
Hotel should be shut down and remodeled. Carpets been there since its first opening. Being facetious but it's about that bad. No poker🤬 If you want the true nostalgia of Vegas, make it to where you never have to leave the hotels premises... entertainment, better food, better food choices, shows, poker, drinks and gambling.
Crystal PeritzCrystal Peritz
18:52 13 Oct 23
The most incompetent hotel I have ever stayed at. I was promised a refund after the cleaning people barged into my room at 9 am for $135.90 x3 since it happened to all 3 rooms I booked on October 1st. Our reservation was for 9/29-10/2. We had to wait in a 2hour long line and miss a reservation. I have still not received my refund and it has been over the time. I have been hung up on, lied to, promised e-mails, promised call backs and nothing. This is a billion dollar company yet you can't refund the promised money that you 100% offered. It's disgusting and incompetent. I have never delt with such disrespect and clear insanity.
Cesar SotoCesar Soto
18:42 13 Oct 23
Good rooms...I think they are in the process of being remodeled but I think they should support tourism and stop charging the 45 dollars per night and the 100 Dlls deposit as a guarantee to avoid damage to the room
Chris CowleyChris Cowley
09:57 08 Oct 23
Unfortunately the Rio is realy showing its age, the rooms currently feel like walking into a 90s time capsule. Does the job for somewhere to crash the night, but the day we stayed the casino was mid-transformation with lots closed. Luckily, big money is being spent to modernise and once that's done they should be back on top.
Emmeline SanchezEmmeline Sanchez
08:02 08 Oct 23
Pool was closed, 85% of the slot machines were down, rooms are dated and some were stained it kinda just seems not well cleaned to me, the registration and check in is absolutely crazyyy most restaurants are closed or closing at 1. honestly I would just go else where If you’re thinking of coming here you can most likely just find something better then here for the same price most definitely won’t be coming back. 😅😅
Alan McLaughlinAlan McLaughlin
07:24 08 Oct 23
Check-in experience is horrible, I really hope they get this sorted soon.The hotel is undergoing a full renovation at the moment so many of the rooms are quite dated, including the fancier suites.Hotel's position is quite distant to the main strip which is good/bad depending on if you want to be within walking distance or driving distance.The good side to that is you are less likely to get stuck in traffic travelling to/from.
Peter MillunziPeter Millunzi
07:05 08 Oct 23
Steve B.Steve B.
05:44 08 Oct 23
I checked in on Oct 06 2023 for 4 nights. I do not recommend to say at this hotel.Our room is disgusting. The couch has so many stains on it that I had to get an extra bed sheet to cover it before using it. The carpet and the furnishing are so badly worn out. The Slot machine areas are 50% closed down and out of service. The retail spaces are 50% closed down. The pool and spa areas are completely closed. The weight room this morning had towels on the floor and smelled musty as it got flooded. This hotel is a 1.5 to 2 star hotel only, AT BEST.I stayed here about 5 years ago and it was good BUT now it is a run down DILAPIDATED place.Steve.
john johnstonjohn johnston
06:37 02 Oct 23
Sheria LilesSheria Liles
04:15 02 Oct 23
Big event rooms
Angela EdmondAngela Edmond
02:30 02 Oct 23
Scott AndersonScott Anderson
00:10 02 Oct 23
Rooms were clean and spacious but a little battle weary. A number of elevators appeared to not be working so getting to the room was less fun than it could have been. Most checkin kiosks were not working so it took a while to get checked in. (Honestly have never had the kiosk work anyway)
Gary WoodGary Wood
23:42 01 Oct 23
Room was big but bathroom was dirty. Best part, the rooms are getting remodeled soon.
Sara FallsSara Falls
13:48 24 Sep 23
Why is it the manager or the owner doesn’t reply to reviews that are bad and shed some light he only thanks the people who gave this place a 5 star?Our room was beautiful! However there was cracks in the tiles we kept cutting out feet on. A hole in the electrical box on the floor so major safety hazard on both of those fronts.The shower didn’t close all the way so there was water everywhere.Our first room was moldy in the shower and my daughter is incredibly sensitive to mold so we need to pay more to get a different room.The elevator were sketchy as hell and almost got a man’s arm stuck some were almost breaking and shaking while riding them.The pools weren’t working the hot tub has nasty bugs in it. No one mentioned that the pools were down on the website.The staff and security were the only things that I can fully compliment about this place. It’s beautiful but very run down! They neglected it and didn’t care anymore. Hazardous place.
Briana LeeBriana Lee
02:08 16 Sep 23
This place checks off all the boxes for me. I didn't want to stay directly on the strip and we literally came for Vinny & the Chippendales, so it worked out perfectly. The smell of cigarettes is very strong in the casino, but the tower we stayed in smelled unexpectedly fresh. I initially thought it had been recently renovated. The front desk was super quick to send us things when we asked and the halls were well stocked with drink machines. You can't beat the price, and it's a much more laid back vibe that I appreciate more than the stuffier places. There's a 24 hour drive through Dispensary in walking distance, which made me extra glad we chose the Rio.
Michelle CastleMichelle Castle
20:36 14 Sep 23
We arrived to hotel right at check in time and it was a mad house. There was a super long line to get to the desk so my husband used the kiosk. It said they found our reservation that we booked 2 months ago mind you and we'd get an email when our room was ready. After close to 2 hrs we decided to wait in the long line to hopefully speak to front desk. Meanwhile my husband kept checking the kiosk. After we finally got our room keys from the kiosk we walked into a room that was not the reserved deluxe suite king bed MT. View room we picked. It was a double bed overlooking the roof /pool area. Room was like staying at a motel 6 nothing spectacular. We picked this hotel because of the roof top nightclub and pool and all the amenities seemed great . NOPE !! One part of the 3 pools was open , the hot tub was cold tub w/ bubbles and NO nightclub. It's outrageous that they charged us $45 a day at checkout for resort fees like what resort perks did we get !! We had 2 restaurants to choose from at the hotel none others were open. We basically had a bed to sleep and a place to gamble on some machines. The best thing about staying there was we loved the show WOW and the comedy show was funny. I get going through renovations but false advertising a hotels amenities is just plain wrong. I don't find myself ever wanting to pick this place in the future visits to Vegas
Alan LarsonAlan Larson
21:37 12 Sep 23
I've seen a bunch of negative reviews about the Rio. Most of them were based on the fact that it's an older property but I think they were mostly by people who just love to complain. The room was fine. The carpet was a little worn in places but overall, no complaints. The staff that we encountered were very nice and helpful. The atmosphere was good. I was disappointed that the Penn and Teller show we had tickets to was canceled but that's not the hotel's fault. I guess my only complaint would be that it was a mile from the strip and walking there in the heat was hard and cab fare was expensive. Overall we had a great time.
kristin Maxwellkristin Maxwell
23:15 11 Sep 23
My Experience was not the greatest upon arrival, apparently all of the check in kiosk were down and they were limited on the amount of front desk employees. This resulted in a 2 to 3 hour wait to get from the back of the line to the front. People were door dashing food in line, children were anxious and sleepy (it was a late night check in after midnight). After my legs started to fall asleep I noticed the most warm face smiling to be able to assist me. Finally someone to talk to other than the friends I made in line while we bonded over our wait time trauma. Her name was Angelina and she turned my entire experience around. She did this while simultaneously address existing guest issues…and being firm but polite while being the sole hero of the front desk as she was alone. Even with the wait we could all tell she was working quickly and as efficiently as possible. There was even a small rally when someone tried to cut the line and she was not allowing that at all. I say all of this to say she was graceful, professional, welcoming, respectful, tactful, and all the things one would want before nights of debauchery or saintliness in Las Vegas. Angelina was fantastic! Thank you!

Table of Contents

Unforgettable Experiences at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

As a journalist and avid traveler, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of the world’s best hotels, casinos, resorts, and entertainment venues. Also, let me tell you the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is among the best.

I knew Rio would be an unforgettable experience when I stepped into the lobby. The energy was palpable, the decor was stunning, and the staff was warm and welcoming.

As a Las Vegas hotel, Rio is unparalleled. The suites are spacious and luxurious, with amazing views of the city. The amenities are top-notch, from the pool and spa to the fitness center and shopping area. And the location on the Las Vegas Strip means you’re just steps away from all the action.

But the Rio isn’t just a hotel. It’s a Las Vegas casino and one of the best at that. The massive gaming floor has various slots, table games, and poker options. The dealers and staff are friendly and professional, making the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Of course, no Las Vegas resort is complete without world-class dining options, and Rio doesn’t disappoint. With a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, there’s something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience or a quick bite, Rio has you covered.

But perhaps its entertainment options segment options set Rio apart from former Las Vegas regions. As an entertainment venue, Rio is second to none. From live music events to comedy shows, from burlesque performances to magic acts, Rio offers a diverse and exciting range of concerts and performances.

And when the sun goes down, Rio’s unparalleled nightlife comes alive. Whether you’re looking for a high-energy club or a laid-back lounge, Rio has it all. The bars and clubs are lively and vibrant, with great music and atmosphere.

Overall, my experience at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino was genuinely unforgettable. As a journalist, I’ve seen my fair share of hotels and entertainment venues, but Rio stands out as one of the best. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas resort that offers it all, look no further than Rio.

Gaming at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you can’t miss out on the gaming opportunities at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Located on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Rio is one of the most popular casinos in the city. As you walk through the doors, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of slot machines, table games, and poker rooms.

Rio Las Vegas boasts over 1,500 slots, ranging from penny slots to high-stakes machines. Get adrenaline pumping with classic games such as Wheel of Fortune, Buffalo Grand, and Quick Hit Platinum. 

For a chance at even higher payouts, try one of the many progressive jackpot slots. With so many options, you’re sure to find a favorite.

For those who prefer table games, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offers a wide variety of options, including blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette. Experienced players and novices alike will enjoy the range of betting limits and game variations available at Rio.

If you’re a poker fan, you’ll love the Rio Las Vegas poker room, home to the World Series of Poker. Daily tournaments and cash games make it the perfect place to brush up on your skills and compete with other players worldwide. 

Plus, with its lively atmosphere and friendly dealers, the poker room is a must-visit for any Las Vegas casino enthusiast.

At Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, gaming is more than just a pastime – it’s an experience. So come on down and see why Rio is one of the top casinos in Las Vegas.

Culinary Delights at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

One of the highlights of staying at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the world-class dining experience. As a Las Vegas resort, Rio offers an impressive range of culinary delights that cater to every palate. From exquisite fine dining to casual eateries, they have it all.

World-Class Dining

The dining scene at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is a gastronomic journey that will tantalize your taste buds. 

Indulge in the best steaks at VooDoo Steak, or experience the exotic flavors of Brazilian cuisine at the acclaimed Rio Carnival World Buff The famous Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho restaurants also offers a unique dining experience that combines Mexican and Californian flavors.

Las Vegas Resort Delights

Are you looking for a casual bite? Rio has you covered with the award-winning Hash House A Go Go, which serves up giant portions of comfort food. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the Carnival Court Bar & Grill offers a delectable range of frozen cocktails and sweet treats

As a Las Vegas resort, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino takes dining seriously, and as a guest, you can expect a world-class dining experience throughout your stay.


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Unparalleled Nightlife at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Regarding nightlife in Las Vegas, the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the ultimate entertainment venue. As the sun sets, the energy picks up, and the party never stops. Rio boasts vibrant bars and clubs that cater to all tastes, from laid-back lounges to high-energy dance floors.

Take live music performances by top artists in the intimate setting of the Crown Theater, or get your dance on at the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge. Whatever your style, Rio’s nightlife scene will surely impress.

But nightlife in Rio isn’t just limited to bars and clubs. The hotel is also home to the famous Penn & Teller comedy magic show, a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas. And with various other spectacular shows happening throughout the year, there’s always something exciting happening on the stages of Rio.

So whether you’re looking to dance the night away, catch a live show, or enjoy a drink with friends, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the perfect destination for your next night out in Las Vegas.

Spectacular Shows at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the perfect entertainment venue for whether you’re a fan of music, dance, or theatre you whether you’re a fan of music, dance, or theatre. With an impressive lineup of headlining acts, mesmerizing productions, and electrifying performances, you’ll be left speechless.

One of the most popular shows at Rio Las Vegas is Chippendales, a male revue that features the hottest guys in the Chippendales and will make your heart skip a beat. Chippendales will make your heart skip a beat with their sculpted bodies, sizzling dance moves, and interactive rout.

If you’re in the mood for a different type of show, check out Penn & Teller, a comedy magic duo that has entertained audiences for over 40 years. With their witty banter, mind-boggling illusions, and innovative tricks, Penn & Teller will leave you in disbelief.

Other Must-See Shows

Rock of AgesMusicI am returning to the 80s with this rock-inspired musical featuring classic hits from Bon Jovi, Poison, and Journey.
WOW – The Vegas SpectacularDanceExperience a world-class extravaganza of water, lights, and special effects, showcasing the talents of more than 30 acrobats and dancers.
Magic Mike LiveDanceBased on the popular movie franchise, this steamy show features talented dancers who know how to move.

These are just a few of the many shows that Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino has to offer. Whatever your taste in entertainment, you will find something that will leave you spellbound. Book your tickets today and experience the magic of Rio Las Vegas.

Relaxation and Luxury at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Afan Dayan is an exciting day; it’s time to unwind and indulge in the luxury of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. As one of the most prestigious Las Vegas resorts, Rio offers a range of amenities designed to cater to your every need.

Our spacious suites are designed with your comfort in mind, providing the perfect retreat after a day of exploring. With breathtaking views of the city and state-of-the-art amenities, you’ll feel right at home in our luxurious accommodations.

Indulge in world-class dining experiences at Rio’s award-winning restaurants, ranging from exotic cuisines to classic American fare. Savor the flavors of a perfectly cooked steak, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail by the pool.

For ultimate relaxation, visit our luxurious spa and indulge in various treatments designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. From massages to facials, our professional therapists will help you unwind and feel rejuvenated.

With a range of entertainment options, including our renowned casino and spectacular shows, Rio has something for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or seeking relaxation, we have it all at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Book your stay at our luxury hotel and casino and experience the ultimate Las Vegas resort getaway. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


So there you have it, a complete guide to Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the ultimate Las Vegas Strip hotel. You’ll be surrounded by luxury, entertainment, and excitement from the moment you arrive. Whether you’re a fan of gaming, fine dining, live shows, or nightlife, Rio has something for everyone.

With its prime location, world-class amenities, and exceptional service, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the perfect place to stay during your visit to Las Vegas. Book your stay today and experience the excitement for yourself!


Q: What amenities does Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offer?

A: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offers many amenities, including a casino, multiple dining options, live entertainment shows, a pool area, and luxurious suites.

Q: How can I book a room at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino?

A: You can easily book a room at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino by visiting our website or contacting our reservations department. We offer convenient online booking options for a seamless experience.

Q: Are there any age restrictions at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino? 

A: You must be at least 21 to check in and stay at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Q: Does the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino have a fitness center? 

A: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino has a fully equipped fitness center for guests to use during their stay.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino?

A: Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel and casino areas of Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Q: Can I bring pets to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino?

A: Unfortunately, the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino does not allow service animals.

Q: Are there non-smoking areas in the casino?

A: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino has designated non-smoking areas within the casino for guests who prefer a smoke-free environment.

Q: Does Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offer shuttle services?

A: Yes, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino provides shuttle services to and from the airport for the convenience of our guests. Please check with our concierge for more information.

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