From Cowtown to "Wow-Town": The Quirky Enigma of Fort Worth's SeaQuest

When you imagine Fort Worth, Texas, your mind likely conjures images of cowboy boots, barbecues, and perhaps even a rodeo or two. 

But tucked away amidst this quintessential Texan setting is SeaQuest, a unique attraction that defies all stereotypes. Seaquest Fort Worth is a setting that is conveniently in a mall so you can get your shopping and fun done all in one trip!

It’s not just an aquarium; it’s an interactive wonderland that showcases not just marine life, but a host of other animals from around the globe. 

It’s as though someone took a marine biology lab, a petting zoo, and a theme park, threw them into a blender, and out came SeaQuest. 

If you’ve ever wanted to feed a stingray, pet a parrot, and learn about Amazonian reptiles all in one afternoon, SeaQuest is the place for you.

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What Exactly is SeaQuest?

A Global Expedition in a Local Setting

SeaQuest aims to be a globetrotter’s paradise encapsulated within four walls. Its array of exhibits aren’t confined to the oceans but sprawl across a myriad of ecosystems and continents. 

Imagine crossing from an Amazon rainforest into an Egyptian desert, then diving into the Caribbean—all without ever leaving Fort Worth. 

The sheer audacity and scope of this concept make SeaQuest a conversation starter, to say the least.

Seaquest Fort Worth

The Lay of the Land

When you walk into SeaQuest, the first thing you’ll notice is the thematic division. Zones are separated into different world environments, with unique sets of animals and marine life native to those regions. 

Each area is meticulously designed to emulate the native habitat of the creatures it houses, complete with relevant vegetation and decor. 

The illusion is effective enough to make you momentarily forget that you’re still in the heart of Texas.


SeaQuest Fort Worth
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Gary WillisGary Willis
01:56 08 Dec 23
Such a wonderfully fun and educational experience
andrea arayaandrea araya
23:50 07 Dec 23
Samantha HSamantha H
04:18 04 Dec 23
My experience at this place was amazing! As someone who has gone to several aquariums, I enjoyed SeaQuest the most because of all the interactive opportunities. My friends and I had the opportunity to interact with capybaras, sloths, and see the mammal safari. Shout out to Cameron, the person who took us around the facility for all of the interactive events and more. He made the experience better than it already was, making it an educational and unforgettable day. As I mentioned before, my time at this facility stood out compared to other aquariums and zoos. The interactions facilitated by cameron and the facility made it personal and unforgettable. I highly recommend him as a guide if that can be requested. We could tell that he does a great job handling the animals. I love animals so seeing how passionate the staff was made me excited and made the experience so exciting. I will definitely be coming back.Tokens can be purchased to feed animals. However, I noticed that some animals such as the stingrays may come up to you even if you don't have food.
Samantha RushingSamantha Rushing
14:37 03 Dec 23
We got free tickets during a promotion. Made the drive to use them last weekend. They seem to be severely understaffed (obviously not the employees fault) so there was a pretty long wait to get in despite having a pretty short line.Inside the aquarium, all of the tanks were FILTHY. Like so dirty you could hardly see the marine life on the other side of the glass. It was sad seeing so many sea creatures living in those conditions, and it also caused an AWFUL odor. I’ve been to other aquariums and I know smells are to be expected somewhat, but I have never smelled anything quite like it. Also, most of the little machines for feeding tokens, games, etc were out of order and several of the machines that dispersed the feeding pellets would take your coin but not dispense anything.
Nick DegolladoNick Degollado
04:01 03 Dec 23
More expensive than it should be. Not very much to look at, the "interactions" are not long at all, it's not very big, and the the food dispensers give you almost nothing. I'd definitely recommend just going to the zoo.
Amanda BAmanda B
01:27 02 Dec 23
Bryant was a fantastic tour guide! He went above and beyond to make sure the tour was great. He shared info on each animal we stopped at and even answered my questions about animals we didn't stop at. In fact, all of the staff I interacted with were polite, knowledgeable and really seemed to care for the animals and wanted to share their knowledge with guests. One of the animals we stopped at didn't seem interested in interacting and Bryant made every effort but after treats weren't enough of a motivation he apologized and we moved on. I appreciate that the animal wasn't forced. I went on a weekday which seems like the best bet since there weren't any lines and or a wait. I did book in advance to be safe though. There were other employees throughout cleaning cages and feeding the animals. They limit the interactions with the animals so they don't get overwhelmed so if you really want to see a specific animal, book in advance.
Fahima MahjabeenFahima Mahjabeen
17:38 01 Dec 23
Crystal TaboadaCrystal Taboada
18:27 30 Nov 23
5 stars for our tour guide Bryant. We had a group of thirty kids on a field trip and he was AWESOME! Made this a great experience for all the kids and adults.
Laurie PollardLaurie Pollard
23:19 29 Nov 23
bryant was greathe was great with the kids and super knowledgeable about the animals 10/10
Noida LeonNoida Leon
19:29 29 Nov 23
Amy LongoriaAmy Longoria
03:05 26 Nov 23
It was a sad experience. We went on a weekend and it was packed. They leave some enclosures open free for anyone to walk in. The animals throughout the exhibit looked stressed. Any pools of water left for the animals were cloudy and dark. All enclosures had a horrible smell. A few of enclosures only had one animal, which makes no sense of why it would smell that bad. The kangaroo at the end looked in terrible health. The only happy animal seen was the bat rays of which get the most attention.
Kristin BabekKristin Babek
22:30 25 Nov 23
The grandkids and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We splurged for the extra interaction and our guide, Bryant, made it super special, allowing us to get up close and personal with Bugsy the armadillo, Daisy the prairie dog, Nimbia the ball python and Alvin capybara.
Katy DavisKaty Davis
19:38 25 Nov 23
Very dirty enclosures, snake skins everywhere, otters enclosures water was a nasty brown color and smelled horrible. you spend $30 for 15 tokens and you get not even a pinch of food. You want to interact with the animals? there’s no one there to help or they don’t want to help.
18:01 25 Nov 23
Very bad management and insanely long lines. Lack of respect for the animals and conjusted spaces. Tickets are expensive and only let you enter after that you’ve to pay for interactions again. $70 for tickets and atleast $40 for the interactions. Not worth it
Lan NguyenLan Nguyen
01:56 25 Nov 23
This place is exactly what you’d expect from an “interactive” aquarium in a dying mall. I’m glad Husband found free tickets, bc otherwise, I’d feel both scammed and guilty for supporting such a business. The animals are tossed in sparse enclosures that are quite dingy. I walked past a pile of dirty mop heads that they could’ve put to good use. The online pictures show a pretty mermaid inside a fish tank, but I don’t think a mermaid should be placed in the tanks I saw. She’d catch some skin disease.Also the tokens at $2 for one are a scam. About a third of the token food dispenser didn’t even work. Walk to near the last station and there is a machine that sells 20 tokens for $12. And I still don’t think that’s worth it. We were given tokens by a nice lady leaving the aquarium, and we found ourselves trying to give away our tokens at the end.Hard. Pass.
Barbara LaneBarbara Lane
02:05 20 Nov 23
We went because we had gotten free tickets for our family to go. We thought it would be a nice outing for a kiddos. I am glad that it was free. 1. When we got there they had signs all over saying scan the QR code to get in line if you have tickets due to high volume of customers. So we did that and when I went to ask about our place in line she said we scan your tickets there is no virtual line. When I told her about the signs she just shrugged and said I don't know why they are there we don't use those. So had I not had a question we could have been waiting for no reason. 2) All of the Aquariums needed to be cleaned, really bad! We've been to Aquariums before and none have ever looked this dirty or smelled this bad! The place seemed run down as well. The best part and cleanest part was the stingrays tank. My kids loved that part and it made up for the other issues. I really do hope they can clean it up and get those animals and fish cleaner environments.
Dee EmDee Em
01:48 20 Nov 23
Google " PETA seaquest fort worth". Many kids, toddlers and adults have been attacked by the animals. Many animals have misteriously diedJust went in Oct 2023 for the first time. We were so excited because there were no people so we sort of had the place to ourselves and were able to see every animal up close. HOWEVER, it smelled very bad. Even though the staff kept the place clean free of trash on the floor, the place just smells very bad. Another thing is that there are no windows and it is so sad for the animals to never see sunlight. We didn't get to see any birds. We could hear the big birds but they were not available. There were many empty cages throughout and there is a section where the starfish are that is super dark and hard to see and appreciate.There were many things like decor leaned against the wall so it looked a bit abandoned. When you enter Seaquest, the store is so low on merchandise it looks as if it's closing for good. Which they SHOULD.
Stephen BrünoStephen Brüno
01:27 20 Nov 23
SeaQuest Fort Worth in the Ridgmar Mall has a friendly staff. It’s a fun experience for the whole family!
Babins ShresthaBabins Shrestha
06:08 19 Nov 23
we went there as we got the tickets for free. there is a wait outside to get in and impromptu queue anywhere to get inside the room to feed/play along with animals. The staffs are completely unorganized and seem understaffed. we waited for two different animal interactions; tortoise and parakeet. it seemed they do not set a time limit for guest who are interacting with animals and keep the people in queue waiting. they will take a break any time even when people have waited for a long time and they can end the interaction session even when there are families waiting in line for more than half an hr.we (5 adults and 3 kids) were in a queue for parakeet paradise for more than 30 min.. we were next in queue for parakeet interaction. a guy and his daughter wanted to see Bengal cat but the staff for Bengal cat was not there. he went to the end of the line for parakeet which was like 4 families after. the staff for Bengal cat comes and asks us if we want to interact with the cat. we said we are in line for parakeet. i went all the way back to get the guy and his daughter and they go visit the Bengal cat. 2 families behind us waiting for parakeet gave up and left as the family before us took more than 20 min playing with birds. finally the family with parakeet finishes up and the staff for parakeet says that Bengal cat guy will serve us. the Bengal cat staff then takes the guy and his daughter who wanted to visit only Bengal Cat to parakeet interaction.. we wait for another 20 min. then they come out and the staff says I need to attend the bday event and just leaves us two families waiting outside.wasted almost an hour. guy with the beard must have been trying to be nice with the guy and daughter visiting Bengal cat but he needs to respect the queue and other people who have been waiting with their toddlers to get inside for such a long time. it was very frustrating that we didn't get a chance.. and we don't think we will ever be visiting this even for free
Shae CrossShae Cross
03:15 19 Nov 23
Versie FosterVersie Foster
02:21 14 Nov 23
Susan ArreolaSusan Arreola
23:31 13 Nov 23
I love going to aquariums honestly and I understand they are just opening But the animals tanks where really small especially the sharks and the big fishes it really upsets me when i see stuff like that and i hope their tanks get better in the future.
Alina WakefieldAlina Wakefield
16:05 13 Nov 23
It was all fun and games until all 5 of our kids woke up 2 days later with hand foot and mouth disease😭 I know this can happen anywhere but just stating it definitely happened here😢
21:48 12 Nov 23
Ronakkumar PatelRonakkumar Patel
21:40 12 Nov 23
Fleet WoodFleet Wood
21:01 07 Nov 23
Employees are nice, but exhibit is smelly, dirty, social animals alone in cages, dirty water, unclean cages. The usual for SeaQuest. Would not recommend.
Natalie GleasonNatalie Gleason
14:28 07 Nov 23
This place is so disgusting!! The price is outrageous for what it is. The poor animals are basically caged up in tiny little spaces, and it stinks and just feels dirty. I’m shook people pay that money, it doesn’t take long to walk through and it’s more expensive than the Fort Worth zoo. I don’t know how the animal activists aren’t freaking out about this place.
Christeii CookChristeii Cook
20:38 06 Nov 23
Literally the worst place ever. We booked tickets to come and see the animals, but our plans for traveling to Texas changed and we couldn’t fit in the trip. I booked it that morning and then rang them a few hours later, and they would not do any refunds at all. This is an outrageous business practice and I will be getting my money back through my credit card company.
Laszlo KalloLaszlo Kallo
06:23 06 Nov 23
jose duranjose duran
03:53 06 Nov 23
I loved the place!
Monica weberMonica weber
01:32 02 Nov 23
Torie ColvinTorie Colvin
22:43 01 Nov 23
Awesome experience Hands-OnThis is an edit to my previous Review 4 years ago. This place is so amazing. The kids spend hours here.Have I told you yet that they are so wonderful they give back to the community as well. I have four foster children and they have let the children go through free of cost under the Foster program. Not many places will do this for children. Can I tell you how much it has blessed my kids! Thank you again Sea Quest for such wonderful experiences for these kids.
Ruth SaenzRuth Saenz
17:47 01 Nov 23
Carol RodriguezCarol Rodriguez
23:57 31 Oct 23
We traveled from San Antonio and this place was a disappointment to us. They do have a variety of animals, but all look in terrible conditions. The place smells awful and some animals look like they're dead already 😢 you can see very old snake skin there which proves its been a while since they last cleaned them. Hopefully someone can do something about it. Won't be coming back
Christie DedmanChristie Dedman
03:04 31 Oct 23
We had a good time - did not buy tokens to feed the animals but we did enjoy seeing all of the aquariums however there were some sad habitats like for the Prairie Dogs -- it was really dark and we got slammed with sales pitches to pay for extra animal experiences/tokens. Overall the whole place needs an update. Having been to 40+ science centers, aquariums & zoos across the United States - I would rank this pretty low on quality but if you're in the area and need an indoor activity - look for ways to save on admission and walk through it in about an hour
erika hundterika hundt
03:43 27 Oct 23
This chain is known for neglecting it's animals to the point of death, and abandoning the animals after the store closes. Do not fund this chain.
brenna simsbrenna sims
02:15 25 Oct 23
Not worth the money, completely expected something way different considering it’s an aquarium…. I picked this place because it was only 1hr. From where I live and now I wish I would drove further to an actual aquarium. The water was very cloudy hard to see the fish, most of the exhibits were way too small for the animals and the birds had no room to fly. I do not recommend at all.
Christina De La PazChristina De La Paz
01:20 25 Oct 23
Went in yesterday maybe an hour before closing and star was a STAR they gave me a summarized overall which is what I needed since I was short on time my family enjoyed it and I would definitely go again5 stars for star
Terryn LeMasterTerryn LeMaster
00:00 25 Oct 23
avoid at all costs, went here almost three years ago and the animals were definitely being neglected. I saw a child mishandle an iguana and not a single person did anything. I heard people talking about fish jumping out of the water at a another location so I googled USDA incidents and there are sooo many records of violations, regret going.
Johnny NealJohnny Neal
21:58 24 Oct 23
didn't go to SeaQuest just went for a walk around the mall
10:50 20 Oct 23
Overall, SeaQuest was cool, but at the same time disappointing. There were cool animals you don't get to see everywhere, but most were in a small enclosure. Most looked to be in good health, but a few definitely needed some more attention. Some of the staff were helpful, but most weren't really interested in being there. They also didn't really pay attention to the guests much. There were some people that had picked up the chickens and were walking around with them. When I told the staff member he rolled his eyes and just stood there. I doubt we will ever be back.
Abbey DAbbey D
23:11 19 Oct 23
Horrible experience here. AVOID THIS PLACE.We paid $300 for a mini quest, which is a 90 minute tour that includes every interaction at Seaquest for up to 8 people. We did NOT get what we paid for in the slightest and when we put in a contact request with Seaquest to discuss our experience we were ignored.When we showed up for our 11am tour they did not have a tour guide. We waited until 12:20 and when someone showed up they disappeared into the back minutes later. We rescheduled for 1:30 because we had young children with us who had to eat at that point.When we came back we waited another 10 minutes past the scheduled time for the guide to show up. They asked us which 3 exhibits we wanted to see? We were supposed to be taken to them all. After 3 interactions and 42 minutes (half of which were spent waiting for the gude to get food from the employee area) the guide tried to end the tour. I pointed out that wasn't what we paid for and they grudgingly agreed to take us to see 2 more but then they started taking other guests who paid for interactions while we sat and waited despite having paid a premium for a private tour.We did not get to have the interactions we paid for, we waited an inordinate amount of time due to a lack of scheduling and we are being ignored by the Seaquest management.
Meghan SmithMeghan Smith
02:18 19 Oct 23
Kinda run down, in a run down mall. I was so excited for the encounters but it ended up being $30 for literally a minute or two with two animals and then the rude employee barked at us to get out. Really disappointing and a waste of money. Some ofthe animals were definitely cool but the place is not kept up well. And definitely don’t waste your money on the one minute encounters.
17:24 18 Oct 23
Where to even begin.1.) When you enter the building there are signs for Sea Quest that says to scan the code to be put in line for entry. But there’s no QR code anywhere to be found.2.) They don’t make clear when to use the QR code and when to not. When we arrived (and there was zero line) I followed the instructions and scanned the code by the Sea Quest entrance. And we waited. And waited. The waitlist was not updating. So I went and asked only to be told, “oh that feature is for later, not now.” By now there WAS a line to get in. Clearer procedures would’ve been helpful.3.) Expensive. I did have mostly free tickets but the tokens are expensive. Some of the machines are super stingy with what they dispense per token. I also felt judged by the employee for not spending more on tokens instead of being happy I bought any! If I had spent full price on tickets I would’ve been so mad.4.) Dirty/smelly. It was dark, the tanks were dirty and the waters cloudy/murky. I get there are live animals smells are to be expected, but the smell was pretty bad.5.) Rude employees. I was watching an interaction between a guest and an animal. I was at the total opposite end, no where close to the guests, just watching, and the employee very rudely informed me that it was a “private interaction.” So people can’t even walk by and look? Maybe don’t have it in an area where lots of people are walking by then. Other employees were also rude and unfriendly.5.) Encounter value. Too many tokens for the time spent with the animal.6.) Animal welfare. Honestly, this place needs to be shut down. I’m not one that believes all zoos or aquariums are bad or that they just shouldn’t exist. However, and this is the biggest reason I’ll never return, the animals don’t seem happy. Their enclosures are too small (like the capybara and boa), or there are too many in such a small area (like the parakeets and koi for examples). It just made me sad to see so many animals crammed in such tiny spaces.6.) Overall experience - inhumane and too expensive.Wanted to love it but just made me sad. Next time will just go to either FW or Dallas zoo/Aquarium.
Kristof MosolygoKristof Mosolygo
15:02 18 Oct 23
Random companies can set you a business at your house without the homeowner knowing.How can that happen?The Business profile team sent an mail that is how I found it out. When I called them they told me they can't do anything about it.This monopoly is getting worse and worse.
Trinadha BoggarapuTrinadha Boggarapu
04:12 15 Oct 23
Nida ZehraNida Zehra
23:55 14 Oct 23
Overcrowded when we went. Took 1 hour 20 minutes of standing in line to get in. They that with 2 kids! Otherwise, they loved it. Thank God for escalators and elevators!
Stephan KStephan K
18:47 13 Oct 23
Smelled a litte
Celesta BoydCelesta Boyd
19:05 12 Oct 23
Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma
04:28 09 Oct 23
Ali OngerAli Onger
20:13 08 Oct 23
Nice place
Bruno GoesBruno Goes
15:20 08 Oct 23
Was never able to make it inside, even after checking-in. They were unable to organize a basic line. Gave up after 1 hour of waiting.My son had a blast on the little playground in the mall. The only positive experience.
Matt KarnerMatt Karner
14:31 08 Oct 23
We had a great time at SeaQuest! Our guide for the VIP experience was awesome. Very accommodating! Thanks Sam!!!!
Dee HillDee Hill
23:02 07 Oct 23
William HammonsWilliam Hammons
23:07 01 Oct 23
Sarah made our experience worth it, and we really enjoyed our time here. It was a little difficult at first because it seemed like there was no organization, but Sarah really helped. It's pretty cool and would recommend it.
Angela CanalesAngela Canales
15:29 01 Oct 23
Went with my friend an daughter an her son we got the "fishy kiss experience " and we regret it ! DO NOT GET THAT UNSANITARY EXPERIENCE! We all got a rash type thing on our feet where it bumps an they went on our palms to horrible feeling n pain! Do not I repeat do not buy that experience. They don't clean or switch the fish out bacteria at its finest will be contacting lawyers about this UNSANITARY practice.
dhanjit giridhanjit giri
04:35 01 Oct 23
We waited for 4 long hours for the line to clear up, enduring a frustrating experience with the SeaQuest service. They were asking to take annual pass to get priority entry. One lady repeatedly called us to the front, only to send us back multiple times. After a series of confusing instructions, she finally informed us it would take at least three hour, so we reluctantly left. Sadly, just ten minutes later, we received a message, but it was already too late. This entire ordeal felt like a game of luck, where you had to be in the right place at the right time. Overall, it was a deeply unsatisfying experience. 😤
Sam was our tour guide today and she was an absolute gem. Someone so patient, kind, and hilarious needs a raise! Thank you Sam for the fun filled hours of memories!!
Busra OzdemirBusra Ozdemir
22:39 30 Sep 23
We drove more than 1 and a half hours, once we arrived, they said that the place is full and they cannot let us in. There is no notification on the website or google maps about this and nothing written in the ticket email. This is crazy!
Sharmili ChoudhurySharmili Choudhury
01:53 27 Sep 23
Even for a free ticket event, the wait was 3-4 hours. Definitely wasn’t aware of this wait so we ended up leaving. The mall it’s in is a third class mall with no real stores.
Jason tedford (Teddy)Jason tedford (Teddy)
01:14 27 Sep 23
Chris WesleyChris Wesley
00:34 27 Sep 23
Terrible. There's some promo code going around and everybody and they mama be here on the weekends. I've been 3 times in a row and it's crazy every time...
Julia RJulia R
19:51 25 Sep 23
I understand that this place provides an experience but we really have to talk about the well-being of the animals that are permanently at Seaquest. I’ve spoken to multiple staff members and they all rave about how wonderfully happy the animals are. They talk about how they let the Capybara out of the enclosure & walk around as well as other animals. My hamster has a larger enclosure than most of the animals there.Seaquest knows that they’re in the business of profiting off of these animals. These animals aren’t stopping by Seaquest for rehab & then being sent out to professional locations where they can have proper living areas.I get astounded every single time I ask someone at Seaquest about the life of these animals & they proceed to respond to me so confidently about how these animals get lots of time out of their enclosures.Can you imagine staying stuck inside your home? It’s not an option for these animals. They’re not going outside, getting sun, grass etc…Seaquest smells so horribly, there’s terrible ventilation in there. Seaquest owners need to take proper responsibility.Not to mention the nurse sharks. They prove my point all together. The sharks LITERALLY stay at the bottom of the tank with NO MOVEMENT. Why does Seaquest have sharks at all???? They’re not koi fish. These are large animals that Seaquest squished together into one tiny tank. I will add pictures in the future because it is just horrible that companies like these choose to profit off of animals. Most of these animals at Seaquest other than the small fish, all have such somber expressions.Not to mention that the people that work there are mostly very, very strange & lack social skills. They’re not professionals at all. They’re young adults that probably have a bunch of reptiles at home so they take a job at a place like Seaquest.Seaquest, please do better.
Wynter DullWynter Dull
19:29 25 Sep 23
Do NOT go here on the weekend unless you have HOURS to waste waiting to get in line. They do not tell you about this when you prebuy tickets.My family had pre purchased tickets, we were there at opening. We were told to scan a QR code to wait in a digital line. At noon we were 118, by 2:15 we were 31 with an expected minimum thirty more minutes to wait.After you get to 0 you can then go wait in the real line which also takes 30-60 minutes.Also this place doesn’t seem to care for it’s animals at all. They’re in extremely over crowded and small tanks. They have 6-10 sturgeon in a 3ft deep tank that people were harassing because it was a ground level tank.The same goes for nearly every single fish exhibit they had.Their tortoises bodily conditions are sad, all 3 we saw had pyramiding of their shells so they’re not getting enough UV light. They were so stressed and just fast pacing their enclosures which guests had unlimited access to wander around inside of.They had several other small animals like Capybara in enclosures the size of a bathroom. Some spent the entire hour we were there just staring at the wall because they’re so stressed.Honestly someone needs to report this place to whoever does animal welfare checks. If you want to go to a smaller aquarium less busy go to the Gainesville mall one which is wonderful and takes great care of their fish. Or just spend the extra money and go to Dallas because this place is horrific.
Natalie GarciaNatalie Garcia
01:45 22 Sep 23
Not the best experience for the first time. We walk around and enjoy the animals but couldn’t feed a lot of them because all the containers were empty. Why sell us tokens to feed the animals if there’s nothing to feed them?? We then waited for an employee to come to the otters because we weren’t told it was by appointment only and we asked one of the guys after he just finished with 2 people in the otter area and he completely ignored us and walked away. Again we weren’t told it was by appointment only when we bought tickets and tokens after telling them “we’re only really here for the otters” so it was something that could’ve been shared. Great animals but fill up the containers to feed these animals if you’re gonna sell tokens 🙄.
This place is good for kids. Animals, parrot feeding and the giant fish tank are very attractive.
Colette OrtizColette Ortiz
19:33 21 Sep 23
Very dirty and so sad to see such tiny enclosures for these animals. We wondered how they haven’t been reported for the inadequate space
sayeed ahmedsayeed ahmed
14:59 21 Sep 23
Madelyn SchenkMadelyn Schenk
12:28 21 Sep 23
We have gone to Sea Quest many times. We even went before they officially opened. We love it! The opportunities to get to interact or feed some of the animals is pretty cool!
venkata peetavenkata peeta
01:45 19 Sep 23
Blanca BarajasBlanca Barajas
21:01 18 Sep 23
The space/ enclosures are too small for those animals. The tanks are filthy. There is not enough staff and unfriendly. The feeding machines constantly got stuck and wouldn't dispense food. I sat there and watched people get ripped off. So unfortunate considering how expensive it was to begin with. Ridgemar mall is so big and empty, they should invest in expanding into a proper aquarium. Sea Quest is trying to make a zoo with different animals, however its not proper space for those poor animals. And not the proper staff to keep it safe and clean. Don't recommend, spend your money at the zoo instead.
Amy NguyenAmy Nguyen
18:56 18 Sep 23
Laynee was our tour guide and I couldn’t be happier with our experience today. She was very informative and friendly. I’m glad to know that someone like her is taking care of the animals because she really cares:)
sricharan gundasricharan gunda
16:40 18 Sep 23
We had a blast! “Bubbles” Thank you again for the wonderful check in experience!! Thank you “Connor” for the wonderful animal “swan and monkey “ balloons . We loved the interaction with the animals!
Vanessa RobertsonVanessa Robertson
23:20 15 Sep 23
The shark exhibit is too small.
Suezanne HowardSuezanne Howard
22:21 15 Sep 23
Went on a weekend and checked in using the QR code and was 358th in line. There was also a line wrapping around the building. Very crowded and confusing with no employees around to ask questions. Very poorly managed given we selected a date for the tickets. It is inside a practically empty mall so EVERYONE there was just waiting to try to get into this aquarium that was clearly WAAAAAAAAY over booked. Not worth the time that it took for us to drive there not to mention 2 disappointed kids. Just an awfully ran place. I don’t know how it gets any good reviews.
Lacey LeeLacey Lee
21:50 15 Sep 23
Laynee really made the experience of interacting with the Tucan special. She has a lot of knowledge and fun upbeat personality.
Stephanie HStephanie H
19:57 15 Sep 23
Went during their free promotional tickets and regret going even with not paying anything. Overall animals seemed crowded, dirty, enclosures definitely not big enough for them. They should never be kept in an indoor space where they never get fresh air or sun. Overall it was a depressing experience seeing the animals kept there.
Alejandra HernandezAlejandra Hernandez
17:21 15 Sep 23
Megan NationMegan Nation
22:07 12 Sep 23
We got 4 free tickets with a promo code and went for my daughter's b-day. I am SO thankful we did not pay to see this mess. First of all, the line was 3 1/2 hours long inside of a basically abandoned mall with probably only 5 open stores and one pizza place in the food court. One thing to note, you do NOT have to stand in the line, they text you when it is your turn, so you can roam around...a lot of people were just in line for no reason lol. My husband and I are knowledgeable animal people, and he used to manage a pet store, we've both raised a ton of different animals, and seeing the conditions these animals are in was rough. The enclosures were too small, a lot of them stunk, they were not well put together to mimic the animal's environment and looked dirty. I was surprised they actually had a DOMESTIC Bengal cat enclosure; I have friends that own those, they're house cats lol. A lot of the food dispensers did not work when we inserted coins, so we had to ask for food, because a coin is $2 each. The ONLY saving grace is the sting ray area. That was a ton of fun for my kids and us, they were very interactive and cool to feed. They can splash you though, they all got pretty soaked. The place has potential, and should be better for the cost, if you are paying. We paid with our time waiting, because it was brutal. Go on a slow day, get there before they open and check in if you must see this place.
Michael LomasMichael Lomas
20:18 12 Sep 23
The kids really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and sea life. It was a really great place to visit at a fair price. Not too busy, not too pricy, friendly staff and a really cool gift shop. There are plenty of interesting animals and sea creatures to observe as well as interact with.
Jeff CarrollJeff Carroll
12:16 12 Sep 23
We recently spent a morning doing a number of interactions with rare animals that I had never spent time with before. Even though the place was very busy, I had a fantastic time! Laynee led the interactions and was very informative. She obviously has a great love for the animals and shared several facts I hadn't heard before. It was very memorable. I particularly enjoyed feeding the albino porcupine, playing with the sugar gliders and feeding the parakeets. SeaQuest is a hidden treasure that more people should know about.
Red RangerRed Ranger
01:44 12 Sep 23
عرين الفقيةعرين الفقية
20:44 11 Sep 23
Worst possible decision we ever made to come here. The customer service sucked, it was OVERWHELMINGLY CROWDED, and when I told them I would like to talk to someone about the terrible organization and overcrowded facilities they kicked us out bc they were over their maximum occupancy that the city allows for that store to have
Tracy MerdaTracy Merda
20:33 11 Sep 23
If I could give negative star reviews I would. Instead I will post a letter I wrote to Seaquest and in return was informed they do not offer refunds. Must have just been an “off” day. I successfully refuted the charge on my cc and I highly suggest anyone who experiences the same, does so as well.I bought four tickets to the SeaQuest location in Ft. Worth, Texas this morning, excited for my children to see and experience the aquarium, as it was their first time. I am sorry to say, I have never been so disappointed in an overly priced, poorly managed facility in my life. The line when we arrived was 100 people deep and the doors had not even opened. That's totally understandable. I don't fault the staff for this. However, adding to the chaos and confusion, there are many signs throughout the mall stating if you had purchased tickets, you need to scan the bar code on the poster and they will let you know your place in line and then you will be allowed in. This couldn't be further from the truth and couldn't have caused less confusion amongst the visitors standing in line. It seems everyone gets the same message at the same time, and then followed by "We are ready for you", indicating you need to proceed to the door for entry. This caused huge waves of people to stammer and push their way to the door, rightly thinking it was their turn, only to be greeted by unhappy staff who yelled and told everyone to back out the door. The poor staff did their best. They had no microphone and thus, any instructions they tried to share with the mass crowd were unheard or misunderstood, so everyone continued on pushing their way to the front. Once my family did finally reach the front desk, I did politely ask how the process generally runs. The young lady who waited on me shrugged her shoulders and just said, "like this i guess". As we began the tour through the "aquarium", it was quite clear the standards of this facility are not up to code. One of the tanks was clearly leaking water and instead of properly mopping the floor (again the facility just opened so I would assume this would already have been handled", there were mop heads disconnected from their mop pole and just thrown on top of the standing water and mud around the tank, as is to stop the leak. All of the tanks in the facility were absurdly dirty, making it difficult to even see the fish crammed in the tanks. Most of the tanks were heavily overpopulated. The koi pond, for example, easily had over 100 fish that could barely move. Most of the sites had maybe one animal or fish. There were huge meat coolers just sitting out, which I assume is for the food. However, the entire place felt completely slapped together with spit and glue. We spent 20 mins total at the aquarium, which considering we drove over an hour each way, was heavily disappointing for my kids. I am requesting a full refund, at minimum 75%. I work incredibly hard as a single mother to save up to provide experiences for my kids. I feel like my hard earned money could have spent in so many other well deserving places. I will not post a negative review, unless my complaint goes unheard or unanswered by your team. I simply am asking for a refund. Sincer
Dedeepya ponangiDedeepya ponangi
03:43 11 Sep 23
Wait time was out of bounds! Not a big place but kids will enjoy!
Tiffany JonesTiffany Jones
03:09 11 Sep 23
We drove 3 hrs to go here and I feel that yall should know a couple things.. it's in a mall. In the middle of a mall with no signs on the outside telling you where to go. There is a code on the doors of the mall to check in then it puts you on a wait list TO GET IN LINE. It was a 2-3 hour wait in total. We ended up leaving and going to the zoo. But there are plenty of things in the mall to do while you wait, just come prepared to spend the extra money to stay entertained. It was just too crowded for us. Hopefully we will get another chance to go in the future.
Awesome GAwesome G
02:21 11 Sep 23
I’m so sorry y’all.. tbh don’t waste y’all’s time going here. Packed af. I bought my tickets online and I was ready to go in drove all the way over there & when I get there I still had to virtually get in line and when I do I’m 523 in line 😤 and didn’t even get the chance to go in that same day bc literally that’s how long the line was.. I had to reschedule for another day bc you can’t even get no refund . . On top of trying to wait inside the mall that mall barely has stores opened 🫠
Chris WesleyChris Wesley
00:54 11 Sep 23
The lines are ridiculous here...I waited almost 4 hours
Efrain MoralesEfrain Morales
20:20 10 Sep 23
This place was trash,My Opinion. The staff only told us there was going to send us a message so we can go in.We were in 11th place for 2 whole hours!It was the lamest experience ever.The line was super long, and I was wasn’t even going to give it a one star, because it doesn’t deserve one. Again this is MY HUMBLE OPINION, and I just didn’t like. I do recommend you to go somewhere else.
ismail sahinismail sahin
04:04 10 Sep 23
Andrea GirlAndrea Girl
00:42 10 Sep 23
Had booked tickets using the free promotional code and read reviews of the Labor Day weekend fiasco. While it seems like they refined practices for this weekend by separating lines for those with paid tickets vs. promotional ones, adding an online waitlist with signs posted on the walls along the line, it still took three hours, beginning at about 11:45 am to get through the line. The last hour was spent near the entrance with the line being held because the inside was at capacity and more paid visitors were arriving and given preference (as they should). Can’t speak on the quality of the facility as we gave up and left. Be aware that this place is in a dying mall with very limited space so reviews about the small enclosures and smell are probably accurate. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Julie AlbaJulie Alba
22:15 09 Sep 23
Do not waste your time or money on this place. Thank god I got the tickets for free with their conservation promotion but this was a joke. Drove 40mins to get here, it’s inside a run down mall,once we got there the line to get in was horrific, waited a little over 3hrs to get in and once we got in there oh god, the poor animals enclosure definitely too small for them, resembles more of a pet store than an aquarium, you’d actually would have more fun going to a pets store tbh. The water was disgusting. Have you ever seen a sad shark? Dam shark look so sad!! Overall the place was just as rundown if not just as bad as the mall it’s located in, would not recommend coming here. We walked the whole “aquarium” in like 15-2mins definitely not worth it
Josh DavisJosh Davis
21:34 09 Sep 23
Chris SanchezChris Sanchez
20:21 09 Sep 23
Tanner CarrollTanner Carroll
05:04 09 Sep 23
We were luckily enough to do a variety of interactions while visiting Sea Quest. Laynee did a great job explaining how to feed the Asian otters properly - they are so cute. We were also able to do the sloth exhibit . it was so fun to feed them. I never imagined we were going to be up-close to a sloth.
Kristi PerezKristi Perez
03:51 09 Sep 23
Natalie BoxNatalie Box
22:08 08 Sep 23
Laynee at the sloth encounter was awesome!
Elizabeth GrabauElizabeth Grabau
20:21 08 Sep 23
My friends and I had a wonderful time at SeaQuest. Cameron and Laynee helped us have an amazing experience!
Reynaldo PeñaReynaldo Peña
03:56 08 Sep 23
Erin JonesErin Jones
02:12 08 Sep 23
We took our granddaughter and had a great time. Lots of neat interactions and we snorkeled with the stingrays, that was fun. The staff was very nice and our guide Cayla was very knowledgeable and made it a great experience!
Shannah BoltShannah Bolt
22:10 07 Sep 23
We had a blast! My kids loved the cats the most. Cayla was very helpful and knowledgeable about the fish and really made our trip worth it!
Nadine Sadiq-AliNadine Sadiq-Ali
22:03 07 Sep 23
This was my first visit to SeaQuest and my family and I went on a day this place was offering free entry. I am not from Texas as I am onlyvisiting. Since it was free entry, of course it was packed and the line was very long.First of all, I wasn’t able to really see or experience much as most of the tanks and animal cages looked empty. The animals seem to be kept in very poor conditions. The fish tanks were dirty, it needed deep cleaning. I won’t really waste my time in spending money on this place. I am sure there are other better places to visit and have fun with the family. I have given 1 star because there’s ample amount of parking and it’s in a mall so you can visit other store while you are there.
00:07 07 Sep 23
Nicole C.Nicole C.
22:41 06 Sep 23
Don’t waste your time and money. Just no, go to the Dallas aquarium or Fort Worth zoo instead it’s waaaay better. My kids had more fun going up and down the escalators.
Brian VuongBrian Vuong
21:31 06 Sep 23
Went there on Sunday during Labor Day long weekend and the line up was so long (4+ hours) and unmanaged. The free ticket promo they had was a disaster. I don’t think they even cut off the availability of free tickets after seeing the overwhelming crowds of unhappy visitors.
Yasmine NachawatiYasmine Nachawati
19:40 06 Sep 23
I did not have to pay for my tickets because I had a coupon but I didn't enjoy my experience. It takes maybe 15 mins to go through. I also noticed that the animals were slow or sleeping mid day. The staff were helpful and kind. Other than the lack of interactions and the awful smell I guess it was ok. Definitely not worth $20 a person.
17:00 06 Sep 23
I don't really know how to rate this place. I didn't feel great about going to an aquarium inside a mall to begin with, so if you are feeling that way PLEASE do research on SeaQuest PRIOR to giving them your money.We bought our tickets online and also purchased an animal excursion (Swimming with Sting Rays). The total was $285 for 3 people.As instructed, we arrived at 1130am for our 12pm encounter. The line was around the corner and not moving at all! By the looks of it we would never make it in time for our encounter! We asked the employee at the door where we should go if we purchased our tickets online. She responded that we still needed to wait in line - the SAME line. We informed her that we had an encounter at 12pm and she said "You won't make it because you still have to wait in line." Luckily, we asked another employee who was manning the exit. She verified our tickets, radioed to another employee and let us in. I mentioned to her that she should advise the first employee of the process, but she just said "OK" and turned around. From this point, the check-in process was swift and easy.We turned the corner and I immediately regretted the decision to give our money to SeaQuest. The first few animals were in pens that were (approximately) 2 ft x 8 ft and were sitting on concrete. Random tufts of hay were scattered around. One dozen or so sting rays were in a small pool, approximately 6-8 ft deep and maybe 20 ft across. Another batch of rays and various fish were in a pool that was 1-2 ft deep and 10 ft across. You get the idea. The sturgeon and shark enclosures were a joke! There is no way these animals are being treated ethically based on the enclosures alone!As we were leaving, our 14-year old daughter asked for a stuffed parrot toy from the gift shop. It was marked $19.99. We gave her $25 and sent her to the counter to purchase the item. She returned and handed me 0.11 and the receipt. She was charged $22.99 for the item. I returned to the counter and advised the employee of the issue. She looked concerned and scanned the item. She said "It's $22.99". I showed her the price tag on the item and she replied "Well, that's wrong." I won't bore you with the back and forth details, but in the end she "wasn't in charge of the gift shop" (even though she was IN the gift shop and WORKING) and could not do anything because they "don't give refunds". I explained that I wasn't asking for a refund, I was asking for her to honor the price which is marked on the item. She said all she could do was pull them off the shelves (which she didn't) and offer me tokens in return. I told her that I didn't want tokens because we had already finished our visit. She rolled her eyes and handed me 2 free passes for a future visit. So, instead of refunding a customer for a $3 overcharge you give away $50 in admission?Unethical on numerous issues... stay away.
Luis Angel GarciaLuis Angel Garcia
07:41 06 Sep 23
It’s a fanatic place to take your kids! Had lots of fun
nagaraju vooranagaraju voora
05:13 06 Sep 23
Ricardo MartinezRicardo Martinez
23:33 05 Sep 23
Great place for spend a day with Family. Affordable. Lots of parking spaces and great service !!
Kimberly WilkeKimberly Wilke
20:13 05 Sep 23
Was disappointed. This place was expensive for what you got. I thought the animals seemed stressed and it was small.
My PeaceMy Peace
20:02 05 Sep 23
We had a great time and Mrs Brenda was the nicest and made our experience really enjoyable
Teri GallardoTeri Gallardo
05:01 05 Sep 23
Fun place to walk through with my child. Favorite part is feeding the stingrays.Yes, it's indoors and it does smell like animals.
Tayisha BellTayisha Bell
03:21 05 Sep 23
We went here on Saturday, and the line was wrapped around the mall. Now, granted, they were free tickets on Facebook, but I think they should have been better prepared. We didn't even get to see the animals 😞
Bishwas SharmaBishwas Sharma
03:18 05 Sep 23
Visited during Labor Day weekend. It was pretty busy and there was a long queue.However the environment inside was amazing.There were plenty of animals both land and marine. You can feed them and feel them. It was an interesting experience for me and my kid. Kids will love it.There is also a souvenir shop.
Candace TownsleyCandace Townsley
01:39 05 Sep 23
This establishment was careless and wreckless when they presented a promo code for four free tickets during the Labor Day weekend without any time requirements or limitations. Seaquest is located in Ridgmar Mall which on their website lists they opened at 11am. When I reserved my tickets, I assumed that they had not reached capacity since I was able to reserve the tickets.We arrived at the mall a little before 11am only to see crowds of people moving toward the mall entrance. As we were walking in, there were people walking out stating that they were told there would be a 2-3 hour wait.WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would create a promotion in the DFW area that wasn't limited because of capacity?In speaking to a mall employee, it was said that the fire marshall shut down the mall on Sunday, 9/3/2023 because of the number of people in the mall waiting to get into SeaQuest. I can't verify this - but I'm sure it's easily verifiable.I had two unhappy grandchildren that I took elsewhere to make up for this disappointment. I know many other families were leaving with disappointed children.Someone should be fired for this wreckless behavior.
V e s s iV e s s i
23:50 04 Sep 23
If I could give it 0 stars I would!The wait line was absolutely insane!The line literally wrapped around a big part of the mall!A 4+ hour wait hell nah, not even worth the hour drive, I decided to take my family to the Fort Worth Zoo.Terrible service and communication never again will I ever think about going!Don’t even matter if you buy the tickets in advance online.
jessica saundersjessica saunders
22:23 07 Aug 23
Always have a great experience when we come here. The animals are well loved and a bit overfed but happy. We love seeing the turtle that you can pet and feed, along with my daughters favorite Capybara Alvin. We come often to interact with him. You can touch and interact with everything here. Come check it out and enjoy!
Tricia AccaouiTricia Accaoui
03:32 02 Aug 23
The staff were lovely. The animals were lovely. However, the facility was filthy. Really bad smell. Muddy water on the ground. All the glass was filthy. The animals had dirty water and pens. Empty feeders. There are no windows. It did not seem like a good way for them to live.
blake obermeyerblake obermeyer
13:02 17 Jul 23
Absolutely loved this place! My girlfriend and I brought her little brothers here so they could have a fun day and also to get out of the house. Clearly they had an amazing experience because they were asking if they could go again lol. But the best part of our trip was the staff, super friendly and very helpful! I would like to give a shout-out to one of your staff in particular, LEXI! She was literally the best! She did 2 of our interactions and she was amazing, very caring towards the animals and had amazing communication throughout our entire time we were there! Again love this place and the staff!
S TatumS Tatum
20:06 13 Jul 23
We read the reviews and most are favorable. However, our experience was less than favorable and not very fun for the kids. Many negative things occurred during our visit. We purchase tickets to enter. Tokens to touch and or hold animals (interact) tokens to get a small amount of feed from the dispenser to feed the animals ( it’s 1-20 tokens per person depending on which animals you want to interact with. What we weren’t told is there are certain time when animals are available for interaction. A lot of the animals weren’t available, They should have a schedule of times when animals are available that day. I dare to say a few animals seemed to be sick of dealing with humans (I can relate) lol. The white parrot didn’t want to be touch (I can relate). You only hold them for a few seconds. The worst parts were the place had a very strong unpleasant smell and the lights went out. We waited around and after 20 minutes of no lights we left. The staff were friendly I must add. This post does not reflect them.
Laura VassalloLaura Vassallo
02:25 28 Jun 23
Hi, I took my kids to visit SeaQuest Fort Worth... I did purchase my tickets online. Think you can purchase tickets when arrival also! It was during the weekday and summer is out for kids! It was busy. I did purchase the reptile safari also. It was a hands on with the reptiles that they brought out! It was really awesome for my kids! Christi was the one that did the tour for that Reptile Safari she is knowledgeable about the reptiles! We had a good time!! Yes we would go back! We live an hour away also!! There is also alot of other animals there as well to see and feed up close!

The Good, The Bad, and The Quirky

What Works

When it comes to interactivity, SeaQuest takes the cake. Unlike traditional zoos or aquariums where looking is encouraged but touching is often a no-no, here you’re encouraged to get up close and personal. 

From feeding turtles and stingrays to petting a capybara or a kangaroo, these experiences provide unparalleled engagement.

Room for Improvement

Not everything at SeaQuest is perfect. The venue has faced criticism for trying to do too much at once. 

The blend of multiple themes and a wide variety of animals sometimes leads to crowded spaces, and the message about conservation can get lost amidst all the fun and activities. 

Plus, the varied nature of the exhibits can be overwhelming, particularly for younger visitors.

The Unforgettable

Aside from the standard fare of animal interactions, SeaQuest offers quirky extras like ‘Fish Yoga’—a yoga class conducted in a serene setting surrounded by tanks full of colorful fish. 

They also host unique events like Mermaid Mondays where mermaid performers swim with the fish, offering a delightful spectacle for children and adults alike.


8.4 / 10 Very Good Review From
9.2 / 10 Excellent Review From
8.6 / 10 Excellent Review From
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The Price Tag

Is it Worth it?

When it comes to value, SeaQuest offers a mixed bag. Basic admission starts at around $19.99 for adults, which gives you access to most of the park but doesn’t include any of the interactive experiences. 

General Admission starts at $13.99 for kids, $16.99 for seniors or military and you can get an annual pass for only $39.99 per person which includes tokens and discounts on gift shop items. 

These come at an extra fee and can quickly add up. However, the diversity of experiences and the sheer volume of things to do make it a worthwhile investment for the adventurous and the inquisitive.

Special Deals and Packages

If you’re planning to experience SeaQuest in all its glory, keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and group discounts. 

They often offer holiday specials and family packages, which include additional interactive experiences at discounted rates. 

Following them on social media or signing up for their newsletter can give you a leg up on the latest deals.


Dining and Amenities

Grub Spots

Food options within SeaQuest aren’t likely to win any culinary awards. However, they serve their purpose, offering an array of comfort foods like burgers, pizzas, and soft drinks. 

There’s also an assortment of snacks for those who prefer to nibble rather than indulge in a full meal.

Accessibility and Parking

The SeaQuest facility is accessible to visitors with mobility challenges, offering ramps and wide pathways to accommodate wheelchairs. 

Parking, while generally ample, can get tricky during weekends and holidays. Arriving early or visiting on a weekday can mitigate the inconvenience.


Fort Worth SeaQuest is the embodiment of unexpected charm—a place where worlds collide, and the conventional gives way to the whimsical. It’s not just an attraction but an experience that invites you to interact, learn, and be perpetually surprised. 

The marriage of disparate themes and animals creates a chaotic yet delightful spectacle, making SeaQuest an unmissable spot if you’re in or around Fort Worth. 

So, whether you’re an animal lover, an adventure seeker, or just someone looking for a break from the ordinary, SeaQuest offers a day of unpredictable fun and learning. And in a world where monotony often reigns, a dash of unpredictability is always welcome.

🕶 Learn. Explore. Relax.

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