From Cowtown to "Wow-Town": The Quirky Enigma of Fort Worth's SeaQuest

When you imagine Fort Worth, Texas, your mind likely conjures images of cowboy boots, barbecues, and perhaps even a rodeo or two. 

But tucked away amidst this quintessential Texan setting is SeaQuest, a unique attraction that defies all stereotypes. Seaquest Fort Worth is a setting that is conveniently in a mall so you can get your shopping and fun done all in one trip!

It’s not just an aquarium; it’s an interactive wonderland that showcases not just marine life, but a host of other animals from around the globe. 

It’s as though someone took a marine biology lab, a petting zoo, and a theme park, threw them into a blender, and out came SeaQuest. 

If you’ve ever wanted to feed a stingray, pet a parrot, and learn about Amazonian reptiles all in one afternoon, SeaQuest is the place for you.

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What Exactly is SeaQuest?

A Global Expedition in a Local Setting

SeaQuest aims to be a globetrotter’s paradise encapsulated within four walls. Its array of exhibits aren’t confined to the oceans but sprawl across a myriad of ecosystems and continents. 

Imagine crossing from an Amazon rainforest into an Egyptian desert, then diving into the Caribbean—all without ever leaving Fort Worth. 

The sheer audacity and scope of this concept make SeaQuest a conversation starter, to say the least.

Seaquest Fort Worth

The Lay of the Land

When you walk into SeaQuest, the first thing you’ll notice is the thematic division. Zones are separated into different world environments, with unique sets of animals and marine life native to those regions. 

Each area is meticulously designed to emulate the native habitat of the creatures it houses, complete with relevant vegetation and decor. 

The illusion is effective enough to make you momentarily forget that you’re still in the heart of Texas.


SeaQuest Fort Worth
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Roy & Charchle TyraRoy & Charchle Tyra
01:26 23 May 24
I would give this is 100/5 if I could. I got to pet a stingray found this secret tunnel with stingrays saw the size of a megladon mouth took a pic in front of a mummy tomb saw a bunch of snakes even scorpians and I got to feed birds / parrots I saw a giant camel I did a hurricane simulator got up to 70.8 MPH on the simulator I wish I could stay in the tunnel forever it was so peaceful in the tunnel. Very high quality I suggest going there this summer!
Michelle GonzalezMichelle Gonzalez
21:23 22 May 24
The animals are poorly cared for there were roaches in the sloth cage climb on me and my daughter. There were dead fish in the sting ray tank. I was so disappointed and I spent a good amount of money there. I don't recommend this place at all
Tre’von McCullarTre’von McCullar
06:06 22 May 24
Glad I came here! Staff were very friendly and made sure we had a great time. Especially Jacob! He let us hold Craig (the snake). I never even planned on holding a snake lol.
gerald lunzgerald lunz
22:24 21 May 24
This place is awful. I purchased over $200 tickets at the counter and then learned that you can pay to have an employee handle the caged animals whenever you want.This bothered me, so I asked for a refund at the counter, and they denied me and told me to call corporate, who also denied my refund. It seems like the employees are told to be aggressive with their refund policy. I wouldn't waste my time or money here.
Julie DownsJulie Downs
11:26 21 May 24
Was Not Impressed by this Place...At All!?!? Itshould not be listed as an Aquarium!?!? And the place had such an Awful Smell...We actually left with a sick feeling & a headache!?!?
sunil gandhamsunil gandham
13:17 16 May 24
Kaci RussellKaci Russell
16:54 15 May 24
If I could give a 0 star review I would. This place wasn’t what was advertised and way over crowded on a weekday. The urine smell made me get so sick. My 2 year old who never has issues freaked out and didn’t enjoy none of what they had to offer. Definitely a waste of our membership, wish we could get a refund because of how disappointing it was. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY NOT WORTH IT!! Only thing that was actually good was the employees interaction with us when we entered.
Michelle FentonMichelle Fenton
15:58 14 May 24
What a fun experience! My family had a great time. We found SeaQuest through Pogo Pass. My kids loved feeding the birds, sting rays and petting the iguanas. Super interactive.
Scott SmithScott Smith
14:26 14 May 24
Small and smells of urine . Animals don't have much room to move
Jaxx Flores-CastroJaxx Flores-Castro
18:09 11 May 24
Great place to visit
Lindsay HullLindsay Hull
20:07 10 May 24
This place is small cramped, dirty. The animals look depressed with no room to hardly moveStop giving these people money to abuse precious animals. I witnessed a little boy aggressively sitting on the 100 year old tortoise. Small small enclosures, looks like animal HELL
Another Angle By ToriAnother Angle By Tori
21:01 09 May 24
Not really worth the money. We paid $110 to “meet and feed otters” and just general admission.. “meeting” them meant them sticking their hands through little bitty holes and they only want to do that when you have food. once your out of food they’re done. It’s a 10 min thing and it’s $25 per person and sucked. then the overall place itself sucked.. not many animals, stinks terribly. and the enclosures are barely put together… like thrown together and called good enough. i literally don’t know how they’re licensed to have what they have.
Terry ByrdTerry Byrd
19:30 07 May 24
schumack familyschumack family
23:17 05 May 24
We had a small birthday party for my daughter and it was such an amazing time ! The party room was private and we brought snacks/cake with plenty of room yo move around. The animals were so much fun to interact with and see . Our tour guide person was super nice, extremely knowledgeable, and great with kids of all ages in addition to being good at communicating with the parents. I can’t remember his name but he had. long red hair, and made the experience phenomenal. The private interactions were the best part, there was a ton of educational information our tour guide gave us and really kept the whole family engaged. The whole experience created such a great memory that my kids will talk about for it years. If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would !! WE LOVE YOU SEA QUEST!
22:02 05 May 24
Jacob has wonderful customer service and id recommend going here to see all the amazing animals.
Jen GutierrezJen Gutierrez
17:35 03 May 24
Bought tokens couldn’t do any of the exhibits, the smell is horrendous, which is understandable but should have vents paid 200 dollars to get in and for tokens, and then couldn’t even use the tokens asked for a refund for the tokens I paid 74$ for and says all sales final
Jennifer HillJennifer Hill
17:45 01 May 24
Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth Williams
10:50 01 May 24
Jon SnowJon Snow
01:18 01 May 24
Ivy ParkIvy Park
19:38 29 Apr 24
Never seen so many fish lose they’re vibrant colors, they’ve all turned white from the stress of overcrowded tanks, unsanitary water conditions, and very likely malnutrition since they seem so eager to eat your entire hand right off. Truly disgusting conditions they’re kept a at with brown murky puddles, dingy glass screens, and the lack of sunlight makes the slabs of concrete and straw they call “enclosures” look so gray and cold.
Carlos XCarlos X
01:27 28 Apr 24
Mike and Connie AdlongMike and Connie Adlong
00:55 27 Apr 24
Amy ShookAmy Shook
19:54 26 Apr 24
This place was so disgusting and should be shut down. Not only are the poor otters in a enclosure with barely any water but everything was so gross and stinky.We also paid extra for an"interactive " excursion with the wallaby. That was a laughable joke. The picture on the website shows a little girl holding the wallaby . Yeah well they make you stay outside the maybe 8x8 enclosure while a lady talks to you about yhe wallaby who is not having it and she gives the child a wilted piece of lettuce ro feed it the wallaby won't come over the lady says welp sorry it's in puberty and he is kinda a jerk right now.So she gives the 3 children who all paid $20 each some hay and the wilted lettuce and an old tissue box to build a "puzzle " she then plops it into the pen for the wallaby to tear into this is the interaction we paid for btw others who didn't pay for this also are participating too. So why did we have to pay $43 dollars for this joke of an excursion?Then none of the token machines would work so the kids couldn't do anything bcuz EVERYTHING takes tokens. All the tanks are so packed and so small. This place really needs to be reported and shut down.We drove over 2 hours to come visit it and if I could leave 0 stars I would. My grandson left so sad bcuz he was upset for the sea life .. he told me those poor otters looked so sad and miserable and had no water to live in...He is 7..Do betterDO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND EVEN FREE TICKETS ARENT WORTH THIS PLACE .. GROSS AND NEGLECTED AND WAY OVER PRICED.DO NOT PAY FOR EXCURSIONS THEY ARE SCAMS
23:47 25 Apr 24
It was a fun little place. Got to feed parakeets, and go in with the bengal cats and the most fun animals we had the chance to feed were the sting rays. So awesome!!
Erica BevelErica Bevel
00:48 25 Apr 24
I feel so bad for these animals! They need to be cleaned up, some sunshine and space!! We were leery of continuing to enter once we saw that we were in a mostly empty mall. Pictures online are misleading. I wish I had stopped by this review spot first. Most of the spaces smelled badly, and I understand animal smell - this was not it. It needs to be cleaned. The whole time we were there the turtle had poop in a path that appeared to have been there for a while. The poor prairie dogs were so inactive I think they may have been sick - they really need some natural sunlight. I feel bad for even visiting this place. It needs to be shutdown & moved into an area where the animals can have a bigger space, staff that cleans up better, and some sunshine! They are so hungry and fighting for the food. These poor animals. After reading the bad reviews, that are both recent and a year old - something needs to be done. Nothing HS changed. I hope that things are checked out soon. Dirty floors, walkways, cracked enclosures for the snakes and reptiles, aweful smells, all just felt dirty and dingy.
sandra mastalisandra mastali
02:57 23 Apr 24
Kyle TsaoKyle Tsao
00:11 20 Apr 24
Isabel DortaIsabel Dorta
00:00 20 Apr 24
I scheduled my three-year-old’s birthday party here there were several things to my dissatisfaction!The first thing was I received a phone call just 10 minutes prior to 4 (our scheduled time )to let me know that there were some ventilation issues and that the room that I scheduled was unavailable.I had guest driving from an hour and a half to be there. So I couldn’t just tell them to turn around as they had already been driving. As you may notice that is extremely inconvenient to phone someone 10 minutes prior to their party time. With no time to prepare . So we decided to try to make it work with another area in the aquarium. When I arrived it took a good 10 to 15 minutes to get situated in the area we were in there was barely enough room to fit about five people and I paid for 20 people. They finally did move us to an area where we could accommodate more people. And all of this was cutting into our party time.Finally, by the time we were able to sit down, our host was only able to come twice and never showed us our animal. Not to mention in the area we were in there was dripping coming from the ceiling as well .This is very dissatisfactory. Definitely not the experience that I paid for.In addition to this, I was told that I would be refunded in full. She let me know that they refunded half the day of the party and that she just “refunded” the other half and it should take a couple of business days. However much to my dismay I never received a the other half of the refund.When I reached back out The representative she claimed that we agreed upon half of the refund Per the phone call to which I asked her to release that audio to me which I am still waiting for.This is extremely disappointing that my child could not have a decent birthday. And in addition to this, I was lied to about the refund. Most definitely bad business practice. Save yourself the trouble and find another location to host your child’s party that is more accommodating and have more ethical business practices.
Faviola MolinaFaviola Molina
06:05 17 Apr 24
Poor animals trapped in between walls. Definitely animal protection should inspect the place
Chelsee TylerChelsee Tyler
18:20 16 Apr 24
Tried to keep an open mind after reading reviews and still go as we had already purchased tickets. Visiting a pet smart would have been better. Very small, outdated and dirty facilities. The animals literally jumping to get a bit of food in desperation. The worst part of all they recommend tokens to feed the animals to “interact” but most like 90% of the feeding machines were empty and we were only able to feed like two animals. The turtle had apparently peed and while the employee mentioned that’s what was right in front of the door it was not cleaned up during the time of our visit. Took 25 minutes and that’s with us taking pictures to go through the whole place. The guy working Damon I believe was really nice but I would not waste your money or time. There was not one nice and clean attraction or area.
Emily WoodardEmily Woodard
20:40 15 Apr 24
Took my grandson. All of the interactive exhibits cost extra. We bought tokens to feed, but over half of the stations were empty. The majority of the others were broken. When we tried to trade the coins in because there was no place to spend them, they told us everything was empty because we came behind a large party- as if that was supposed to make it better, and we could use them next time. We didn’t see a large party and we arrived 10 min after they opened. Many of the feeding holes were too tall for a 5 yr old anyway. The staff was friendly when you could find them. Drove 2 hours round trip for this visit. Spent 1 hour and 15 minutes in the exhibit, did all there was to do and gave leftover tokens to a class of kids. Highlight was the toy he got in the gift shop. The epic experience might be something special, but a random day pass wasn’t worth price of the ticket much less the gas to get there.
Maribeth JenkinsMaribeth Jenkins
01:46 15 Apr 24
We went on the epic quest and our tour guide Bryant was AMAZING! So knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!
Stephanie JoanetteStephanie Joanette
22:33 14 Apr 24
Brachelle EBrachelle E
21:45 10 Apr 24
Giggles SnortsGiggles Snorts
20:42 10 Apr 24
Jentz marenJentz maren
22:12 07 Apr 24
Kathleen StrengthKathleen Strength
02:31 07 Apr 24
We just happened to be in town for a horse show and were looking for something to do. Came across SeaQuest by chance, and had the best time. We ended up doing the duo quest, sea otter and porcupine. Neither one of the animals would really cooperate. But we did get to interact with them. But everyone at the location totally made up for it. They let us interact with the capybara and the sloth. Cameron was absolutely awesome. My daughter had the time of her life. He was so informative and was cracking jokes with my daughter the whole time. The interactions totally made my daughter’s spring break. We will definitely be back and we will definitely request that Cameron oversee our interactions.
Amber HankinsAmber Hankins
23:08 06 Apr 24
If I could give a zero star I would. This place was dirty, smelly, questionable at best on animal care. Honestly needs to be investigated.
sheina hammerssheina hammers
18:09 04 Apr 24
This one was such a great experience. We came from Iowa for my daughter 16 birthday. All the staff was amazing. Bryant was our snorkeling instructor. Bryant was amazing!! High recommend
Christine MaseseChristine Masese
15:16 04 Apr 24
04:57 02 Apr 24
Kids and us LOVED it!! Sooooo cool!!
Bridgette CraméBridgette Cramé
06:18 01 Apr 24
Melissa AbramsMelissa Abrams
03:19 31 Mar 24
We did the epic experience with Bryant as our tour guide. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to make sure we enjoyed our experience. We were able to feed and pet many of the animals on exhibit and had an amazing time! Thanks for a fun afternoon.
Anna ShoreAnna Shore
22:43 28 Mar 24
No way these reviews are real. Leaking shark tanks, unmanned animals, $2 for 5 pieces of cat food, smells awful, animals pens full of poo. This is atrocious.
issac hammersissac hammers
20:29 28 Mar 24
Went to sea quest and did the whole experience. Bryant was great and taught us how to snorkle. Snorkleling was definitely a fun experience. Would recommend sea quest and Bryant as your guide.
Andy OpalAndy Opal
20:27 28 Mar 24
Bryant was Awesome!! We snorkelers and did the whole sea quest experence!! Would highly recommend. Was a fun experience.
Kaitlyn whittKaitlyn whitt
21:43 27 Mar 24
We had the absolute best time going here! We brought two 3 yr olds and there was so much they could do and they had a blast. The staff was beyond helpful. Bryant, Jacob, and Cameron were so helpful in getting our tokens and helping feedings. They were so patient with the kids and made it a magical trip for them! Thank yall so so much! We will absolutely be back!
Laura PettyLaura Petty
21:53 26 Mar 24
Lawrence WattsLawrence Watts
22:46 23 Mar 24
Pretty neat experience. Very up close and personal with the animals and fish and even swim with them. But it's kind of cheap and low rent looking.
Matthew ZibbellMatthew Zibbell
22:07 23 Mar 24
Meh. Dirty, stinky, and jam packed full of other disappointed people. My 6 year old said "well that wasn't much fun daddy".Go visit the aquarium instead. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Reyna ElizondoReyna Elizondo
20:33 23 Mar 24
Kate RifeKate Rife
20:17 23 Mar 24
Skylar DawsonSkylar Dawson
18:47 23 Mar 24
Bryant was a great tour guide! He was very friendly and we had the best conversations about the animals. He definitely made the experience amazing.
Kyle FrizzellKyle Frizzell
22:32 17 Mar 24
We just finished up our EpicQuest tour— absolutely recommend getting this package for up to 8 ppl. It made all the difference! We were linked up with Bryant, a lead guide who definitely knew his stuff and made sure we got a priority experience with all the animals and in the snorkel tank with the stingrays. If you can request him specifically— do it! He took great care of my kiddos and went way out of his way to make us feel like VIPs. Kids really got to know the animals and how they’re cared for while getting some quality “petting” in as well lol. They are already begging to come back. A+ Seaquest !
Alex SmithAlex Smith
20:54 17 Mar 24
Beno & Berti VlogBeno & Berti Vlog
14:57 17 Mar 24
Humberto MartinezHumberto Martinez
03:32 17 Mar 24
lashunda hudsonlashunda hudson
00:24 17 Mar 24
I think it could be a better-looking atmosphere,the cashier really helps in saving us a discount thanks.
Rick DahlsonRick Dahlson
01:51 12 Mar 24
You have got to be kidding. Who rated this a 5 star! Absolutely horrible and disgusting and inhumane treatment of the animals that they did have!
Brian MilesBrian Miles
06:25 11 Mar 24
M. SharvèM. Sharvè
12:27 10 Mar 24
We were greeted nicely but still the site was just “okay”. We paid for the epic quest full interaction. The guide probably spent about 5 minutes or less on each view no real special treatment for the package to be $500. We called and inquired about the pool length for the sting rays we were told 5ft .. turns out it’s 6 1/2 so that was frustrating. Another thing that was a little annoying was due to us spending 5 minutes or so on each interaction we were under the impression we would be able to go back and do feedings considering the guide passed several attractions because “they weren’t ready yet”. Upon completing the interaction we were asked back for our remainder tokens and were told it was because it only came with the package. If we wanted to continue to feed we would need to purchase additional tokens. What the hell did we pay for unlimited tokens for if we have to give them back? A lot of things that were sold in the package were misleading at bare minimum if they wanted to put a “leash” on the “unlimited” tokens that we purchased they could of at least said they couldn’t give us no more not take the ones we didn’t even get to use yet.All and all not worth $500 or my time.
Gene HarrisGene Harris
23:59 07 Mar 24
We always go for ice cream after we go out for dinner on date nite. Braums is the best. Sometimes it's hard to get a seat they're so busy.
SuperChef Ka-KaSuperChef Ka-Ka
22:06 05 Mar 24
16:46 05 Mar 24
This place and all sea quest locations are detrimental to these captive animals health!! please do not visit. Ecologists and other wildlife biologists advise to not give your money to these sorts of organizations
Jon M.Jon M.
22:24 04 Mar 24
Stefanie PalominoStefanie Palomino
17:13 04 Mar 24
Such a memorable place and great time to connect with nature
D GarD Gar
20:57 02 Mar 24
Stephen NashStephen Nash
12:11 28 Feb 24
Be prepared for pressure to spend way more money than you intended to spend. If you want an animal experience that includes well-cared-for animals, go to the Dallas World Aquarium instead. At least they are honest with their pricing.
Doris SDoris S
05:56 28 Feb 24
Never have been nor do I ever intend to go to a Seaquest. I Just saw the Nightline story and totally believe that these animals are being exploited abused and neglected. I hope parents stop taking their children ( especially preschool children) to these animal abuse centers. Wild animals are not meant to be touched or handled. Ever.
Taylor BrownTaylor Brown
16:14 27 Feb 24
Do some research on the owners. Corrupt company, do not care about animals…not nice aquarium. These are the aquariums putting animals in danger. Please go out of business
Chace BohonChace Bohon
23:04 26 Feb 24
This place is awesome and reasonably priced. When you go there, request Bryant. He is awesome. Very energetic, knowledgeable of the animals and very helpful. Thank you Bryant for a memorable experience.
Frances BellFrances Bell
15:05 26 Feb 24
I was trying to purchase tickets for the zoo and accidentally paid for sea quest when I realized it I emailed them and received a rude email back I called and Lisa was rude and racist and refused to give me a refund as rude as they customer service is I would not dare to step my feet in this place nor would I recommend any of my family or friends to this place
Doug MathiesDoug Mathies
00:47 23 Feb 24
Katy DellisKaty Dellis
20:12 22 Feb 24
Just don't. They are not caring for these animals. All they care about is profit. The USDA has already flagged this facility for terrible living conditions for the animals and those diseases and bacteria can spread to humans. #BOYCOTT SEAQUEST
Roman AbolaRoman Abola
14:20 22 Feb 24
We bought the private tour. Bryant, our guide was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly. The service he provided is the kind you rarely experience. Glad SeaQuest hired Bryant...they should use him as a standard when considering future job candidates.Roman, Date of Visit 02/19/24
Brenda DurBrenda Dur
17:25 21 Feb 24
Sad very sad ! These poor animals held captive in small places no outside air & very muggy inside.. to many fish in small areas. Stingrays act like they are starving. Bangels right across from birds that never stop chirpping & bangels depressed because that cant get to them ... sloths are so sad with no space. The thing that broke me was seeing otters with little tiny spot of water. This place should give these animals up to a zoo ... 1st & last time ill ever go . & the price is crazy crazy! These animals are starving
Amy ShieldsAmy Shields
05:36 04 Feb 24
Today was a wonderful day at SeaQuest. Sam was awesome and very sweet to us. She really made our experience over the top. Thank you.
Alfonso CallejasAlfonso Callejas
22:28 03 Feb 24
Don’t take your kids there. It is not safe and they do not take care of their animals.My wife took our daughter about 2 years ago and a fish bit our daughter’s hand after she was told they were safe to touch. They were not prepared at all to tend to injuries and only offered a band aid.
kirstyn Langevinkirstyn Langevin
23:21 01 Feb 24
Very active and hands on. Bryant was our tour person and he did an amazing job and very interactive with both of my children. Friendly communication and kindness goes along way and he went above and beyond with the tour. Definitely coming back to enjoy more !
Courtney HarnishCourtney Harnish
19:20 01 Feb 24
My family and I went here during our recent vacation and let me tell you it is SO worth the trip! A wonderful aquariam with wonderful people working there. I definitely recommend the EpicQuest Mini or the Epicquest if you want to scuba dive. We did the Epicquest mini with our amazing guide, Star, and we loved every minute.
hvvean mgmthvvean mgmt
01:37 31 Jan 24
Went here to explore the dead mall with my friends but we ended up here and we did not regret it at all. Everyone that works here is nice and helpful plus there’s lots of cool animals to look at, we would definitely recommend going
Lau MercaLau Merca
16:10 29 Jan 24
A very nice place and very good service
Lisa BrownLisa Brown
01:47 29 Jan 24
kalee Goodmankalee Goodman
00:29 29 Jan 24
Family purchased the epic quest and it was so much fun! The kids loved all the interactions and our tour guide Bryant knew his stuff! He worked so well with all the kids (5 kids 8 and under).
Chalaka WijesuriyaChalaka Wijesuriya
20:35 28 Jan 24
Nicole MendozaNicole Mendoza
22:38 24 Jan 24
Very disappointing and janky aquarium that is trying to stay alive. It’s not even an aquarium more like a small Exibit. Absolutely horrifying. Do not recommend. Not worth the money.
Gil GarciaGil Garcia
14:51 24 Jan 24
Ginnie GuthrieGinnie Guthrie
02:11 24 Jan 24
Michal MartinMichal Martin
19:58 23 Jan 24
Jeff WildmanJeff Wildman
01:08 23 Jan 24
Bryant and Milo made our most recent trip absolutely amazing! The kids absolutely love this place and it's a wonderful experience for the whole family.
Fiona CookFiona Cook
18:00 18 Jan 24
Experience is wonderful ,remembering washing your hands carefully before touch animals and after .Interactive with animal need to register ahead or at the lobby and pay extra not including in entry fees.The stafff working there are wonderful and they just looks likes fighters cause it is really demanding to check in and they try their best with best attitude and smile face and patience to explain.After you going inside the staff working there is perfect too! I think the manager should just hire more part time staff cause I felt the staffs there is kind of burning out .And wish more people on duty to clean the animals waste .
Dani PogueDani Pogue
00:26 18 Jan 24
Fun facts!Flash the Sloth is a name given to multiple sloths owned by the SeaLife brand, many of which have died from neglect.The Covino family owns multiple aquariums, and when local animal control and state fish and wildlife intervene on animals' behalf, they are allegedly known to transfer animals from one to another to avoid seizure. Ammon Covino, the former legal nameholder, owner, and CEO for the company, was sentenced to federal prison for animal trafficking, and once released, was sent back for violating his parole after helping other family members open and operate other aquatic petting zoos.SeaQuest has been denied permits in multiple locations, and allegedly have been known to have continued or attempted operation despite legal cease and desists.Many animals owned by SeaQuest have been allegedly procured from illegal animal trafficking circuits from Columbia.When told they were holding too many animals in one enclosure, video has shown employees reporting that the owner's solution was to set them free in the local area or give them away at animal feed stores, rather than seek out rehabilitation groups.Most employees are operating under an NDA.As someone who grew up going to Ridgmar Mall, I find this to be particularly abhorrent.This is not professional legal advice, nor are these allegations made in a court of law by the writer. This is an opinion piece.
Tina RobbinsTina Robbins
02:01 17 Jan 24
What a great experience! Thank you to our tour guide Brandt!! He informed us and made our experience very enjoyable with the animals and the sting ray tank!! Go see it! A must see if you are in Texas, Fort Worth!!
Douglas PraxedesDouglas Praxedes
22:45 16 Jan 24
Better off going to a live bait shop.
12:46 12 Jan 24
Great little aquarium. Has a lot of cool interactive things too. Can get a little expensive if your buy entry price plus interactive tokens.
Dulce MartinezDulce Martinez
23:14 10 Jan 24
Had so much fun, came on a date for the first time and one of the workers Bryant, was so kind and helpful with everyone around. Feeding the stingrays was definitely the coolest part!
no (Vixen)no (Vixen)
23:00 10 Jan 24
I've been here two times so far, both times very memorable. My most recent visit was my brother and I, we did the two for $80 package. It came with entry, two encounters and 20 tokens.Our most favorite experience was the Sugar Glider, one little guy kept climbing all over us and wouldn't leave us alone hehe. The worker that helped us out said they didn't really do that often. It was super fun feeding the Sugar Gliders and learning about them.When we were walking around, we saw a worker named Brian. He had a gorgeous, healthy, and happy Ball Python. We spent 2 tokens to hold her for my brother. I paid 2 as well to hold such a beautiful snake as well!! Brian was nice enough to give back my two tokens because of how my brother and I were passionate about snakes. (Give Brian a bonus!!!)Overall, this Aquarium has a wide variety of animals and it is so so interactive. All staff is fun and happy to be there. This Aquarium is worth the hour drive for me.
Heidi MorganHeidi Morgan
16:35 09 Jan 24
I went for the first time yesterday and these people are some of the nicest and welcoming people you’ll ever have the pleasure of interacting with. All the employees here were very friendly and helpful. The animals look so happy and well taken care of! I would highly recommend the stingray tank and the interactive bird/ savanna cat exhibit. Huge shout out to Bryant for being super cool and getting some photos of me with the birds! 10/10 recommend.
02:27 09 Jan 24
Keith FultonKeith Fulton
14:41 06 Jan 24
Animals are good for the soul.
Froggie BoggieFroggie Boggie
19:21 05 Jan 24
Had an incredible day! Showed up on a whim and everyone was so incredibly kind and attentive! Gwen and Brodie were incredible to talk with and were so kind when it came to interacting with the animals! All the animals were delightful and very responsive and Katie told us so much on their rescues! Had an overall incredible day!
J PotratzableJ Potratzable
06:50 05 Jan 24
Went with my family and had a very nice experience. The staff was friendly and patient. This was our first time and didn’t have any expectations and didn’t set up and special encounters. This place provides rather close encounters with animals and opportunities to feel them by hand. I felt like the amount of animals and access to them was greater than expected and made for a fun experience.
Stringer StringerStringer Stringer
05:44 05 Jan 24
How is this place still in business? Everything is concrete with a few handfuls of straw thrown down for the land animals. The marine life are just in big pools with no live vegetation in the water or rocks, just big salt water pools. This place reminds me of the zoos back in the 1950’s. The fish smell is so strong that it is nauseating. Don’t these places get inspected by the Humane Society? The life of animals is sad. I’ll never go back.
Anighis WheelerAnighis Wheeler
00:14 05 Jan 24
We flew in from Indiana to see family. We stopped after we got off the flight and had an amazing time. We did the epic adventure and it was well worth the price. Our tour guide Bryant was amazing.
nicho bnicho b
10:06 01 Jan 24
Bryant was really friendly towards us and was doing an amazing job keeping the place afloat, but the rest of the staff did nothing to ensure the animals were in a safe environment.It immediately became clear that the animals are being neglected by the staff even despite the countless reports the USDA has filed detailing their abuse over the past few years. Some examples that especially stood out after visiting: the otter enclosure had a small, roughly 4’ x 4’ pool full of dark brown water for around 5 otters, the parakeet enclosure was filled to the brim with parakeets to the point they had no more space to land or move anywhere, the giant tortoise wouldn’t move and was only facing the corner in a small empty enclosure that anyone could access unsupervised, and the reptile room with a tortoise that allows visitors to enter and do whatever they’d like to the animals without supervision (the sign states that no more than 6 people should be inside the enclosure at a time but there almost always were up to 10).It’s clear that the administrative staff does not care about the mental or physical well being of their animals that they continue to profit off of and they should be ashamed of themselves.This place needs to be shut down already.
Jimmy BradshawJimmy Bradshaw
23:29 31 Dec 23
Bryant and Cooper were great with our kids, snorkeling with the stingrays. They definitely make the experience top notch! We will absolutely do it again!
Ashley Boson-RhodesAshley Boson-Rhodes
17:20 31 Dec 23
Tommy TranTommy Tran
14:28 31 Dec 23
SeaQuest offers a unique chance for families to get up close with amazing animals, even if some of the exhibits feel a bit compact and the location in an older mall isn't the most glamorous. Just park near the other cars to easily find the entrance, and be prepared for the price to reflect the unique experience.
Farryn StarlingFarryn Starling
02:16 31 Dec 23
This place had filthy tanks and exhibits that stank so bad we had to turn around and walk out before I lost my snack. Literally GAGGING. Not worth the money at all and I had free admission 🥴 I wish I could ask for a refund on the gas I spent to get there.
pradeep sankarpradeep sankar
21:59 24 Dec 23
Worst aquarium ever. It looked so rundown and animals looked uncared for. We came out feeling more depressed than when we entered that beat up mall inside which it is located. This place should be closed. Even if they offer free tickets, stay away from this place.
Stephanie M TeranStephanie M Teran
16:41 24 Dec 23
I love taking my kids here. They always look forward to interacting with the iguanas, tortoises, and sting rays. The staff is helpful and welcoming, too. We visit every few months ❤️
J. MayJ. May
01:30 24 Dec 23
Seaquest is absolutely horrifying. They have no staff, animals are living on concrete, the smell is horrendous. My young children felt terrible for the animals who live in tiny spaces without adequate care.The lack of staff is scary!! That place should be closed down.There was a dead stingray in the large tank and the worker just ignored the body. One of the most bizarre experiences I have ever been to.
Clarissa BrunsonClarissa Brunson
00:53 24 Dec 23
Bryant was a blast thank you. The entire place was fun great for the little ones took about a hour to walk the entire thing
My nieces visited from out of state and they had a great time. Feeding the otters and sloth was the best experience ever. Our tour host Bryant was awesome and very knowledgeable. We will definitely tell others and come back.
Luis CardozoLuis Cardozo
19:02 19 Dec 23
Exceeded my expectations
Amanda TodhunterAmanda Todhunter
16:18 19 Dec 23
Skylar LittleSkylar Little
09:04 19 Dec 23
My family and I went to celebrate my grandmothers 80th birthday and it was a blast! We did the epic quest mini and it truly was worth every penny! Star was our guide and she did absolutely amazing she was super helpful and knowledgeable and really took the time to make my grandma feel special on her birthday! My whole family had a absolutely wonderful time and my grandmother couldn’t have had more fun so thank you again to the staff at seaquest and star for making it a truly memorable experience 🖤
Alicia MayorgaAlicia Mayorga
19:46 18 Dec 23
Paid $108.20 for 4 adults PLUS food. We got 45 tokens for $46.54 because to feed the capybaras it’s 10 tokens PER person. We scheduled a 12:30pm thinking it would just be us, but when the time came, there’s was other people joining us in the little enclosure with no space to walk! At the end, we didn’t even get to feed the capybara because the lady was letting anyone in and the other people got to feed it. NOT worth it at all. Maybe the $1 feeds are okay but would never pay for the 10 token experience again. That alone ruined our whole experience there.
Brianna ReinkeBrianna Reinke
04:49 17 Dec 23
Everyone we encountered were wonderful. All of the animals we saw/fed were wonderful. However the animals do not have enough space. The Animal Whisperers deserve animals to whisper about. These animals are not whisperable...
Kristina HKristina H
01:36 13 Dec 23
I was a bit hesitant to visit based on reviews, but I had the best experience! The Animal Whisperers were friendly and ready to assist with any interaction you request! I loved hearing little personality facts about the animals too. So sweet.The stingrays were just the cutest, jumping up to snag all the rubs. There are ample handwashing stations with soap and towels. There were coloring stations too!We bought tokens for the interactions, I would definitely suggest buying a few. It is worth it! Each token is $2. It costs one token to feed any animal, the bengal interaction costs 3 tokens. Then they have other special interactions you have to schedule which I want to do!There were employees diving into the tanks to clean the windows and grab items that someone threw into the water. I was so glad to see them being taken care of so carefully. The animals seem happy. My favorite was seeing the axolotls!
Hal DhHal Dh
23:05 12 Dec 23
Scam paid $230 for my daughter to experience the sloths and I got nothing. We paid all this money and then they said the animal doesn’t want to come out today after we had already paid. No refund or service all they offered was a gift card, after such an experience would you buy any thing from their shop? how are customers supposed to leave satisfied after taking $230 and not receiving any of the experience you wanted? If that’s not enough there was no refunds? They can give you a gift card?
Leah WyckoffLeah Wyckoff
15:42 12 Dec 23
We had so much fun. The kids loved feeding the string rays, and they would jump out of water to get food.
Bennie PrestonBennie Preston
14:16 12 Dec 23
Not very pleased. As an animal lover and owner. These animals looked sad underfed and in enclosures not set up to accommodate their life. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Especially for the price. They need help in a bad bad way.
Stassa JohnsonStassa Johnson
20:04 11 Dec 23
My son and his friends had the time of their little lives!!! He thought he was in a Wild Kratts episode... The party room was spacious and worth it!!! Thank you Bryant for being so helpful, you were a great party host!!! 10/10 would recommend!!!
Gary WillisGary Willis
01:56 08 Dec 23
Such a wonderfully fun and educational experience
andrea arayaandrea araya
23:50 07 Dec 23
Samantha HSamantha H
04:18 04 Dec 23
My experience at this place was amazing! As someone who has gone to several aquariums, I enjoyed SeaQuest the most because of all the interactive opportunities. My friends and I had the opportunity to interact with capybaras, sloths, and see the mammal safari. Shout out to Cameron, the person who took us around the facility for all of the interactive events and more. He made the experience better than it already was, making it an educational and unforgettable day. As I mentioned before, my time at this facility stood out compared to other aquariums and zoos. The interactions facilitated by cameron and the facility made it personal and unforgettable. I highly recommend him as a guide if that can be requested. We could tell that he does a great job handling the animals. I love animals so seeing how passionate the staff was made me excited and made the experience so exciting. I will definitely be coming back.Tokens can be purchased to feed animals. However, I noticed that some animals such as the stingrays may come up to you even if you don't have food.
Samantha RushingSamantha Rushing
14:37 03 Dec 23
We got free tickets during a promotion. Made the drive to use them last weekend. They seem to be severely understaffed (obviously not the employees fault) so there was a pretty long wait to get in despite having a pretty short line.Inside the aquarium, all of the tanks were FILTHY. Like so dirty you could hardly see the marine life on the other side of the glass. It was sad seeing so many sea creatures living in those conditions, and it also caused an AWFUL odor. I’ve been to other aquariums and I know smells are to be expected somewhat, but I have never smelled anything quite like it. Also, most of the little machines for feeding tokens, games, etc were out of order and several of the machines that dispersed the feeding pellets would take your coin but not dispense anything.
Nick DegolladoNick Degollado
04:01 03 Dec 23
More expensive than it should be. Not very much to look at, the "interactions" are not long at all, it's not very big, and the the food dispensers give you almost nothing. I'd definitely recommend just going to the zoo.
Amanda BAmanda B
01:27 02 Dec 23
Bryant was a fantastic tour guide! He went above and beyond to make sure the tour was great. He shared info on each animal we stopped at and even answered my questions about animals we didn't stop at. In fact, all of the staff I interacted with were polite, knowledgeable and really seemed to care for the animals and wanted to share their knowledge with guests. One of the animals we stopped at didn't seem interested in interacting and Bryant made every effort but after treats weren't enough of a motivation he apologized and we moved on. I appreciate that the animal wasn't forced. I went on a weekday which seems like the best bet since there weren't any lines and or a wait. I did book in advance to be safe though. There were other employees throughout cleaning cages and feeding the animals. They limit the interactions with the animals so they don't get overwhelmed so if you really want to see a specific animal, book in advance.
Fahima MahjabeenFahima Mahjabeen
17:38 01 Dec 23
Crystal TaboadaCrystal Taboada
18:27 30 Nov 23
5 stars for our tour guide Bryant. We had a group of thirty kids on a field trip and he was AWESOME! Made this a great experience for all the kids and adults.
Laurie PollardLaurie Pollard
23:19 29 Nov 23
bryant was greathe was great with the kids and super knowledgeable about the animals 10/10
Noida LeonNoida Leon
19:29 29 Nov 23
Amy LongoriaAmy Longoria
03:05 26 Nov 23
It was a sad experience. We went on a weekend and it was packed. They leave some enclosures open free for anyone to walk in. The animals throughout the exhibit looked stressed. Any pools of water left for the animals were cloudy and dark. All enclosures had a horrible smell. A few of enclosures only had one animal, which makes no sense of why it would smell that bad. The kangaroo at the end looked in terrible health. The only happy animal seen was the bat rays of which get the most attention.
Kristin BabekKristin Babek
22:30 25 Nov 23
The grandkids and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We splurged for the extra interaction and our guide, Bryant, made it super special, allowing us to get up close and personal with Bugsy the armadillo, Daisy the prairie dog, Nimbia the ball python and Alvin capybara.
Katy DavisKaty Davis
19:38 25 Nov 23
Very dirty enclosures, snake skins everywhere, otters enclosures water was a nasty brown color and smelled horrible. you spend $30 for 15 tokens and you get not even a pinch of food. You want to interact with the animals? there’s no one there to help or they don’t want to help.
18:01 25 Nov 23
Very bad management and insanely long lines. Lack of respect for the animals and conjusted spaces. Tickets are expensive and only let you enter after that you’ve to pay for interactions again. $70 for tickets and atleast $40 for the interactions. Not worth it
Lan NguyenLan Nguyen
01:56 25 Nov 23
This place is exactly what you’d expect from an “interactive” aquarium in a dying mall. I’m glad Husband found free tickets, bc otherwise, I’d feel both scammed and guilty for supporting such a business. The animals are tossed in sparse enclosures that are quite dingy. I walked past a pile of dirty mop heads that they could’ve put to good use. The online pictures show a pretty mermaid inside a fish tank, but I don’t think a mermaid should be placed in the tanks I saw. She’d catch some skin disease.Also the tokens at $2 for one are a scam. About a third of the token food dispenser didn’t even work. Walk to near the last station and there is a machine that sells 20 tokens for $12. And I still don’t think that’s worth it. We were given tokens by a nice lady leaving the aquarium, and we found ourselves trying to give away our tokens at the end.Hard. Pass.
Barbara LaneBarbara Lane
02:05 20 Nov 23
We went because we had gotten free tickets for our family to go. We thought it would be a nice outing for a kiddos. I am glad that it was free. 1. When we got there they had signs all over saying scan the QR code to get in line if you have tickets due to high volume of customers. So we did that and when I went to ask about our place in line she said we scan your tickets there is no virtual line. When I told her about the signs she just shrugged and said I don't know why they are there we don't use those. So had I not had a question we could have been waiting for no reason. 2) All of the Aquariums needed to be cleaned, really bad! We've been to Aquariums before and none have ever looked this dirty or smelled this bad! The place seemed run down as well. The best part and cleanest part was the stingrays tank. My kids loved that part and it made up for the other issues. I really do hope they can clean it up and get those animals and fish cleaner environments.
Dee EmDee Em
01:48 20 Nov 23
Google " PETA seaquest fort worth". Many kids, toddlers and adults have been attacked by the animals. Many animals have misteriously diedJust went in Oct 2023 for the first time. We were so excited because there were no people so we sort of had the place to ourselves and were able to see every animal up close. HOWEVER, it smelled very bad. Even though the staff kept the place clean free of trash on the floor, the place just smells very bad. Another thing is that there are no windows and it is so sad for the animals to never see sunlight. We didn't get to see any birds. We could hear the big birds but they were not available. There were many empty cages throughout and there is a section where the starfish are that is super dark and hard to see and appreciate.There were many things like decor leaned against the wall so it looked a bit abandoned. When you enter Seaquest, the store is so low on merchandise it looks as if it's closing for good. Which they SHOULD.
Stephen BrünoStephen Brüno
01:27 20 Nov 23
SeaQuest Fort Worth in the Ridgmar Mall has a friendly staff. It’s a fun experience for the whole family!
Babins ShresthaBabins Shrestha
06:08 19 Nov 23
we went there as we got the tickets for free. there is a wait outside to get in and impromptu queue anywhere to get inside the room to feed/play along with animals. The staffs are completely unorganized and seem understaffed. we waited for two different animal interactions; tortoise and parakeet. it seemed they do not set a time limit for guest who are interacting with animals and keep the people in queue waiting. they will take a break any time even when people have waited for a long time and they can end the interaction session even when there are families waiting in line for more than half an hr.we (5 adults and 3 kids) were in a queue for parakeet paradise for more than 30 min.. we were next in queue for parakeet interaction. a guy and his daughter wanted to see Bengal cat but the staff for Bengal cat was not there. he went to the end of the line for parakeet which was like 4 families after. the staff for Bengal cat comes and asks us if we want to interact with the cat. we said we are in line for parakeet. i went all the way back to get the guy and his daughter and they go visit the Bengal cat. 2 families behind us waiting for parakeet gave up and left as the family before us took more than 20 min playing with birds. finally the family with parakeet finishes up and the staff for parakeet says that Bengal cat guy will serve us. the Bengal cat staff then takes the guy and his daughter who wanted to visit only Bengal Cat to parakeet interaction.. we wait for another 20 min. then they come out and the staff says I need to attend the bday event and just leaves us two families waiting outside.wasted almost an hour. guy with the beard must have been trying to be nice with the guy and daughter visiting Bengal cat but he needs to respect the queue and other people who have been waiting with their toddlers to get inside for such a long time. it was very frustrating that we didn't get a chance.. and we don't think we will ever be visiting this even for free
Shae CrossShae Cross
03:15 19 Nov 23
Versie FosterVersie Foster
02:21 14 Nov 23
Susan ArreolaSusan Arreola
23:31 13 Nov 23
I love going to aquariums honestly and I understand they are just opening But the animals tanks where really small especially the sharks and the big fishes it really upsets me when i see stuff like that and i hope their tanks get better in the future.
Alina WakefieldAlina Wakefield
16:05 13 Nov 23
It was all fun and games until all 5 of our kids woke up 2 days later with hand foot and mouth disease😭 I know this can happen anywhere but just stating it definitely happened here😢
21:48 12 Nov 23
Ronakkumar PatelRonakkumar Patel
21:40 12 Nov 23
Fleet WoodFleet Wood
21:01 07 Nov 23
Employees are nice, but exhibit is smelly, dirty, social animals alone in cages, dirty water, unclean cages. The usual for SeaQuest. Would not recommend.
Natalie GleasonNatalie Gleason
14:28 07 Nov 23
This place is so disgusting!! The price is outrageous for what it is. The poor animals are basically caged up in tiny little spaces, and it stinks and just feels dirty. I’m shook people pay that money, it doesn’t take long to walk through and it’s more expensive than the Fort Worth zoo. I don’t know how the animal activists aren’t freaking out about this place.
Christeii CookChristeii Cook
20:38 06 Nov 23
Literally the worst place ever. We booked tickets to come and see the animals, but our plans for traveling to Texas changed and we couldn’t fit in the trip. I booked it that morning and then rang them a few hours later, and they would not do any refunds at all. This is an outrageous business practice and I will be getting my money back through my credit card company.
Laszlo KalloLaszlo Kallo
06:23 06 Nov 23
jose duranjose duran
03:53 06 Nov 23
I loved the place!
Monica weberMonica weber
01:32 02 Nov 23
Torie ColvinTorie Colvin
22:43 01 Nov 23
Awesome experience Hands-OnThis is an edit to my previous Review 4 years ago. This place is so amazing. The kids spend hours here.Have I told you yet that they are so wonderful they give back to the community as well. I have four foster children and they have let the children go through free of cost under the Foster program. Not many places will do this for children. Can I tell you how much it has blessed my kids! Thank you again Sea Quest for such wonderful experiences for these kids.
Ruth SaenzRuth Saenz
17:47 01 Nov 23
Carol RodriguezCarol Rodriguez
23:57 31 Oct 23
We traveled from San Antonio and this place was a disappointment to us. They do have a variety of animals, but all look in terrible conditions. The place smells awful and some animals look like they're dead already 😢 you can see very old snake skin there which proves its been a while since they last cleaned them. Hopefully someone can do something about it. Won't be coming back
Christie DedmanChristie Dedman
03:04 31 Oct 23
We had a good time - did not buy tokens to feed the animals but we did enjoy seeing all of the aquariums however there were some sad habitats like for the Prairie Dogs -- it was really dark and we got slammed with sales pitches to pay for extra animal experiences/tokens. Overall the whole place needs an update. Having been to 40+ science centers, aquariums & zoos across the United States - I would rank this pretty low on quality but if you're in the area and need an indoor activity - look for ways to save on admission and walk through it in about an hour
erika hundterika hundt
03:43 27 Oct 23
This chain is known for neglecting it's animals to the point of death, and abandoning the animals after the store closes. Do not fund this chain.
brenna simsbrenna sims
02:15 25 Oct 23
Not worth the money, completely expected something way different considering it’s an aquarium…. I picked this place because it was only 1hr. From where I live and now I wish I would drove further to an actual aquarium. The water was very cloudy hard to see the fish, most of the exhibits were way too small for the animals and the birds had no room to fly. I do not recommend at all.
Christina De La PazChristina De La Paz
01:20 25 Oct 23
Went in yesterday maybe an hour before closing and star was a STAR they gave me a summarized overall which is what I needed since I was short on time my family enjoyed it and I would definitely go again5 stars for star
Terryn LeMasterTerryn LeMaster
00:00 25 Oct 23
avoid at all costs, went here almost three years ago and the animals were definitely being neglected. I saw a child mishandle an iguana and not a single person did anything. I heard people talking about fish jumping out of the water at a another location so I googled USDA incidents and there are sooo many records of violations, regret going.
Johnny NealJohnny Neal
21:58 24 Oct 23
didn't go to SeaQuest just went for a walk around the mall
10:50 20 Oct 23
Overall, SeaQuest was cool, but at the same time disappointing. There were cool animals you don't get to see everywhere, but most were in a small enclosure. Most looked to be in good health, but a few definitely needed some more attention. Some of the staff were helpful, but most weren't really interested in being there. They also didn't really pay attention to the guests much. There were some people that had picked up the chickens and were walking around with them. When I told the staff member he rolled his eyes and just stood there. I doubt we will ever be back.
Abbey DAbbey D
23:11 19 Oct 23
Horrible experience here. AVOID THIS PLACE.We paid $300 for a mini quest, which is a 90 minute tour that includes every interaction at Seaquest for up to 8 people. We did NOT get what we paid for in the slightest and when we put in a contact request with Seaquest to discuss our experience we were ignored.When we showed up for our 11am tour they did not have a tour guide. We waited until 12:20 and when someone showed up they disappeared into the back minutes later. We rescheduled for 1:30 because we had young children with us who had to eat at that point.When we came back we waited another 10 minutes past the scheduled time for the guide to show up. They asked us which 3 exhibits we wanted to see? We were supposed to be taken to them all. After 3 interactions and 42 minutes (half of which were spent waiting for the gude to get food from the employee area) the guide tried to end the tour. I pointed out that wasn't what we paid for and they grudgingly agreed to take us to see 2 more but then they started taking other guests who paid for interactions while we sat and waited despite having paid a premium for a private tour.We did not get to have the interactions we paid for, we waited an inordinate amount of time due to a lack of scheduling and we are being ignored by the Seaquest management.
Meghan SmithMeghan Smith
02:18 19 Oct 23
Kinda run down, in a run down mall. I was so excited for the encounters but it ended up being $30 for literally a minute or two with two animals and then the rude employee barked at us to get out. Really disappointing and a waste of money. Some ofthe animals were definitely cool but the place is not kept up well. And definitely don’t waste your money on the one minute encounters.
17:24 18 Oct 23
Where to even begin.1.) When you enter the building there are signs for Sea Quest that says to scan the code to be put in line for entry. But there’s no QR code anywhere to be found.2.) They don’t make clear when to use the QR code and when to not. When we arrived (and there was zero line) I followed the instructions and scanned the code by the Sea Quest entrance. And we waited. And waited. The waitlist was not updating. So I went and asked only to be told, “oh that feature is for later, not now.” By now there WAS a line to get in. Clearer procedures would’ve been helpful.3.) Expensive. I did have mostly free tickets but the tokens are expensive. Some of the machines are super stingy with what they dispense per token. I also felt judged by the employee for not spending more on tokens instead of being happy I bought any! If I had spent full price on tickets I would’ve been so mad.4.) Dirty/smelly. It was dark, the tanks were dirty and the waters cloudy/murky. I get there are live animals smells are to be expected, but the smell was pretty bad.5.) Rude employees. I was watching an interaction between a guest and an animal. I was at the total opposite end, no where close to the guests, just watching, and the employee very rudely informed me that it was a “private interaction.” So people can’t even walk by and look? Maybe don’t have it in an area where lots of people are walking by then. Other employees were also rude and unfriendly.5.) Encounter value. Too many tokens for the time spent with the animal.6.) Animal welfare. Honestly, this place needs to be shut down. I’m not one that believes all zoos or aquariums are bad or that they just shouldn’t exist. However, and this is the biggest reason I’ll never return, the animals don’t seem happy. Their enclosures are too small (like the capybara and boa), or there are too many in such a small area (like the parakeets and koi for examples). It just made me sad to see so many animals crammed in such tiny spaces.6.) Overall experience - inhumane and too expensive.Wanted to love it but just made me sad. Next time will just go to either FW or Dallas zoo/Aquarium.
Kristof MosolygoKristof Mosolygo
15:02 18 Oct 23
Random companies can set you a business at your house without the homeowner knowing.How can that happen?The Business profile team sent an mail that is how I found it out. When I called them they told me they can't do anything about it.This monopoly is getting worse and worse.
Trinadha BoggarapuTrinadha Boggarapu
04:12 15 Oct 23
Nida ZehraNida Zehra
23:55 14 Oct 23
Overcrowded when we went. Took 1 hour 20 minutes of standing in line to get in. They that with 2 kids! Otherwise, they loved it. Thank God for escalators and elevators!
Stephan KStephan K
18:47 13 Oct 23
Smelled a litte
Celesta BoydCelesta Boyd
19:05 12 Oct 23
Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma
04:28 09 Oct 23
Ali OngerAli Onger
20:13 08 Oct 23
Nice place
Bruno GoesBruno Goes
15:20 08 Oct 23
Was never able to make it inside, even after checking-in. They were unable to organize a basic line. Gave up after 1 hour of waiting.My son had a blast on the little playground in the mall. The only positive experience.
Matt KarnerMatt Karner
14:31 08 Oct 23
We had a great time at SeaQuest! Our guide for the VIP experience was awesome. Very accommodating! Thanks Sam!!!!
Dee HillDee Hill
23:02 07 Oct 23
William HammonsWilliam Hammons
23:07 01 Oct 23
Sarah made our experience worth it, and we really enjoyed our time here. It was a little difficult at first because it seemed like there was no organization, but Sarah really helped. It's pretty cool and would recommend it.
Angela CanalesAngela Canales
15:29 01 Oct 23
Went with my friend an daughter an her son we got the "fishy kiss experience " and we regret it ! DO NOT GET THAT UNSANITARY EXPERIENCE! We all got a rash type thing on our feet where it bumps an they went on our palms to horrible feeling n pain! Do not I repeat do not buy that experience. They don't clean or switch the fish out bacteria at its finest will be contacting lawyers about this UNSANITARY practice.
dhanjit giridhanjit giri
04:35 01 Oct 23
We waited for 4 long hours for the line to clear up, enduring a frustrating experience with the SeaQuest service. They were asking to take annual pass to get priority entry. One lady repeatedly called us to the front, only to send us back multiple times. After a series of confusing instructions, she finally informed us it would take at least three hour, so we reluctantly left. Sadly, just ten minutes later, we received a message, but it was already too late. This entire ordeal felt like a game of luck, where you had to be in the right place at the right time. Overall, it was a deeply unsatisfying experience. 😤
Sam was our tour guide today and she was an absolute gem. Someone so patient, kind, and hilarious needs a raise! Thank you Sam for the fun filled hours of memories!!
Busra OzdemirBusra Ozdemir
22:39 30 Sep 23
We drove more than 1 and a half hours, once we arrived, they said that the place is full and they cannot let us in. There is no notification on the website or google maps about this and nothing written in the ticket email. This is crazy!
Sharmili ChoudhurySharmili Choudhury
01:53 27 Sep 23
Even for a free ticket event, the wait was 3-4 hours. Definitely wasn’t aware of this wait so we ended up leaving. The mall it’s in is a third class mall with no real stores.
Jason tedford (Teddy)Jason tedford (Teddy)
01:14 27 Sep 23
Chris WesleyChris Wesley
00:34 27 Sep 23
Terrible. There's some promo code going around and everybody and they mama be here on the weekends. I've been 3 times in a row and it's crazy every time...
Julia RJulia R
19:51 25 Sep 23
I understand that this place provides an experience but we really have to talk about the well-being of the animals that are permanently at Seaquest. I’ve spoken to multiple staff members and they all rave about how wonderfully happy the animals are. They talk about how they let the Capybara out of the enclosure & walk around as well as other animals. My hamster has a larger enclosure than most of the animals there.Seaquest knows that they’re in the business of profiting off of these animals. These animals aren’t stopping by Seaquest for rehab & then being sent out to professional locations where they can have proper living areas.I get astounded every single time I ask someone at Seaquest about the life of these animals & they proceed to respond to me so confidently about how these animals get lots of time out of their enclosures.Can you imagine staying stuck inside your home? It’s not an option for these animals. They’re not going outside, getting sun, grass etc…Seaquest smells so horribly, there’s terrible ventilation in there. Seaquest owners need to take proper responsibility.Not to mention the nurse sharks. They prove my point all together. The sharks LITERALLY stay at the bottom of the tank with NO MOVEMENT. Why does Seaquest have sharks at all???? They’re not koi fish. These are large animals that Seaquest squished together into one tiny tank. I will add pictures in the future because it is just horrible that companies like these choose to profit off of animals. Most of these animals at Seaquest other than the small fish, all have such somber expressions.Not to mention that the people that work there are mostly very, very strange & lack social skills. They’re not professionals at all. They’re young adults that probably have a bunch of reptiles at home so they take a job at a place like Seaquest.Seaquest, please do better.
Wynter DullWynter Dull
19:29 25 Sep 23
Do NOT go here on the weekend unless you have HOURS to waste waiting to get in line. They do not tell you about this when you prebuy tickets.My family had pre purchased tickets, we were there at opening. We were told to scan a QR code to wait in a digital line. At noon we were 118, by 2:15 we were 31 with an expected minimum thirty more minutes to wait.After you get to 0 you can then go wait in the real line which also takes 30-60 minutes.Also this place doesn’t seem to care for it’s animals at all. They’re in extremely over crowded and small tanks. They have 6-10 sturgeon in a 3ft deep tank that people were harassing because it was a ground level tank.The same goes for nearly every single fish exhibit they had.Their tortoises bodily conditions are sad, all 3 we saw had pyramiding of their shells so they’re not getting enough UV light. They were so stressed and just fast pacing their enclosures which guests had unlimited access to wander around inside of.They had several other small animals like Capybara in enclosures the size of a bathroom. Some spent the entire hour we were there just staring at the wall because they’re so stressed.Honestly someone needs to report this place to whoever does animal welfare checks. If you want to go to a smaller aquarium less busy go to the Gainesville mall one which is wonderful and takes great care of their fish. Or just spend the extra money and go to Dallas because this place is horrific.
Natalie GarciaNatalie Garcia
01:45 22 Sep 23
Not the best experience for the first time. We walk around and enjoy the animals but couldn’t feed a lot of them because all the containers were empty. Why sell us tokens to feed the animals if there’s nothing to feed them?? We then waited for an employee to come to the otters because we weren’t told it was by appointment only and we asked one of the guys after he just finished with 2 people in the otter area and he completely ignored us and walked away. Again we weren’t told it was by appointment only when we bought tickets and tokens after telling them “we’re only really here for the otters” so it was something that could’ve been shared. Great animals but fill up the containers to feed these animals if you’re gonna sell tokens 🙄.
This place is good for kids. Animals, parrot feeding and the giant fish tank are very attractive.
Colette OrtizColette Ortiz
19:33 21 Sep 23
Very dirty and so sad to see such tiny enclosures for these animals. We wondered how they haven’t been reported for the inadequate space
sayeed ahmedsayeed ahmed
14:59 21 Sep 23
Madelyn SchenkMadelyn Schenk
12:28 21 Sep 23
We have gone to Sea Quest many times. We even went before they officially opened. We love it! The opportunities to get to interact or feed some of the animals is pretty cool!
venkata peetavenkata peeta
01:45 19 Sep 23
Blanca BarajasBlanca Barajas
21:01 18 Sep 23
The space/ enclosures are too small for those animals. The tanks are filthy. There is not enough staff and unfriendly. The feeding machines constantly got stuck and wouldn't dispense food. I sat there and watched people get ripped off. So unfortunate considering how expensive it was to begin with. Ridgemar mall is so big and empty, they should invest in expanding into a proper aquarium. Sea Quest is trying to make a zoo with different animals, however its not proper space for those poor animals. And not the proper staff to keep it safe and clean. Don't recommend, spend your money at the zoo instead.
Amy NguyenAmy Nguyen
18:56 18 Sep 23
Laynee was our tour guide and I couldn’t be happier with our experience today. She was very informative and friendly. I’m glad to know that someone like her is taking care of the animals because she really cares:)
sricharan gundasricharan gunda
16:40 18 Sep 23
We had a blast! “Bubbles” Thank you again for the wonderful check in experience!! Thank you “Connor” for the wonderful animal “swan and monkey “ balloons . We loved the interaction with the animals!
Vanessa RobertsonVanessa Robertson
23:20 15 Sep 23
The shark exhibit is too small.
Suezanne HowardSuezanne Howard
22:21 15 Sep 23
Went on a weekend and checked in using the QR code and was 358th in line. There was also a line wrapping around the building. Very crowded and confusing with no employees around to ask questions. Very poorly managed given we selected a date for the tickets. It is inside a practically empty mall so EVERYONE there was just waiting to try to get into this aquarium that was clearly WAAAAAAAAY over booked. Not worth the time that it took for us to drive there not to mention 2 disappointed kids. Just an awfully ran place. I don’t know how it gets any good reviews.
Lacey LeeLacey Lee
21:50 15 Sep 23
Laynee really made the experience of interacting with the Tucan special. She has a lot of knowledge and fun upbeat personality.
Stephanie HStephanie H
19:57 15 Sep 23
Went during their free promotional tickets and regret going even with not paying anything. Overall animals seemed crowded, dirty, enclosures definitely not big enough for them. They should never be kept in an indoor space where they never get fresh air or sun. Overall it was a depressing experience seeing the animals kept there.
Alejandra HernandezAlejandra Hernandez
17:21 15 Sep 23
Megan NationMegan Nation
22:07 12 Sep 23